NEED TO SELL - PLEASE HELP - brand new, still in box


    I need to sell a brand new One Wheel, still in the box never been used. My dad's ex girlfriend gave it to him for his birthday, using his credit card unfortunately. He is fighting cancer and is on blood thinners, so there's just no way he can ride it. I guess she thought it would inspire him to get out and move around, but there's just no way he can ride it. Since she used his money to pay for it, I really want to sell it for him for original price (that money should really be used for more important things, like his medical bills).

    It is brand new still in the box, and we will cover shipping fees to get it to you. Please let me know if interested!

  • @amiller Where are you based?

  • @amiller I see you've been trying to offload the thing for a few days now. You didn't by chance try to contact Future Motion and explain the situation to them to see if they would take a return, did you? It seems like the decent thing to do.

  • @Jimmers75 based in Hermosa Beach, CA

  • @bmtka we did call Future Motion to see if we could return to them; but their policy is that they aren't able to accept returns. So they suggested we try to sell it here on the forum.

  • @amiller Ah, that's too bad. I hope this sort of thing isn't typical behavior of your dad's girlfriend. As much as I'd like to purchase a second one, there is no way I can justify the expense. I've let a few people in the area try mine and most of them have the same 'OMG I need one of these' reactions. If I talk to anyone soon who is seriously interested, I will send them your way if they want to save the shipping cost. Good luck.

  • @bmtka I was thinking the same thing. "Happy birthday! I hope you like it, because you paid for it!"

  • @bmtka thank you so much! Definitely let me know if you find anyone who is interested.

  • @amiller This would've been a quick sell 4 months ago when FM couldn't keep up with demand. Now that they're full production though it's going to make it a little more difficult to sell in this kind of situation and almost impossible to tack a huge premium on like some second hand seller's were trying to do. If you're not willing to come down on the price a little you may consider adding an incentive like free expedited shipping or free fender etc. Either way, it may sum up to a small loss for you since, as awesome as a Onewheel is, most people are going to buy straight from the company unless they think they can get a better deal in some way.

  • @amiller I'll give you $800 for it and $50 for shipping as long as it has at least a 6 month warranty which means it would have needed to be received from fm within the last six months. Let me know.

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  • @youeatmypoop dude, you obviously haven't rode one. If you enjoy skateboarding, you'd find this incredibly gratifying. Although the range is an issue, it isn't a deal breaker. You learn to plan accordingly. Yes it's expensive but once you've spent some time with it, you'll likely feel that there's a reason it's cost is so high. There's nothing like it. If you're like me, it will make you wonder what else is possible.

  • @youeatmypoop Hey, why don't you buy a Boosted Board then? It also costs $1,500 and also has a range of 6-7 miles. Or if you don't like the range, then maybe you could get your degree and invent a better battery, because right now the OneWheel is using the best one available. The problem is you can't coast on a single-wheeled vehicle, because the motor always has to be working to stabilize it.

  • @amiller


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