Foot cramps!

  • How long before you guys didn't get bad cramps in your feet while riding?

  • Few days for me

  • @jefflynn I've been riding 3 months and my feet still go numb if I ride too long. But the cramping is usually from tensing up your feet and toes too much and should stop after you're more comfortable on it.

  • It gets better every day. Keep in mind you're training your body for a new sport if you haven't spent a lot of time skateboarding or snowboarding lately and it's going to cause you to overuse muscles you don't normally rely on so much.

    I've found that spending more time on off-road terrain makes it easier to relax your feet when you switch back to pavement. It's not just about relaxing your muscles, though. Of course, the rough stuff makes your feet cramp up even more, but it also makes them stronger faster. Some of those muscles (not all of them) do need to be tense to keep the board under you, especially in rocky and uneven terrain, so take the time to let your feet and ankles build up strength and you'll find you ride more comfortably for longer on all types of surfaces. Be sure to practice riding switch as much as possible too to keep things symmetrical. This is a useful skill to master and will absolutely improve your board-handling in regular stance.

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