OW 2.0

  • I'm wishing, hoping, praying for more speed!

  • I'm guessing nothing this year. Ces 2017 would be the likeliest time to announce anything. If so, hopefully it won't be a Kickstarter campaign with a far out eta.

    Since they dont have any direct competition with the form factor, they probably are not overly motivated to launch v2. Instead they are probably doing the right thing trying to increase awareness since 99.?% of the USA has not seen a onewheel before or know that the technology exists.

    I'm visiting Chicago this week and have been riding downtown and by the lake. Even in this affluent area people are surprised to see onewheel and are asking what it is. I've had my board about a year now so it's surprising to see how few people know about it.

    I could use more speed so hopefully they will at least put out an incremental upgrade to v1 within the next year. I'm guessing a lot of us existing owners would buy one which would be good for the secondary market by lowering the cost of entry for all those who cannot afford this version.

  • I would assume it would be another year or so before seeing a second version of the OneWheel. I say that simply because Future Motion sent out a customer survey a month or two ago asking questions like what we would like to see in a future version of the OneWheel (i.e. replaceable battery, better range, lighter weight, etc.). That at least shows they are looking into an future version with upgraded features, but a company usually sends out surveys long before engineering and manufacturing the new model. I'm hoping a new version comes out in 2017 sometime. I love this device already, so improvements would just be icing on the cake for me, and would deliver upon some of the changes I'd like to see in the near future.

  • @donny-h or atleast remove the tilt at high speeds.

  • @Franky I ride in the loop every day from red line Monroe to Franklin/Monroe I've never seen another onewheel lol

  • @T-CAT Well hopefully they don't wait to long because competition from other onewheel board companies will only improve and saturate the market, GoPro is a good example of what happens when others start making similar products with same quality or better.

  • I agree that proper timing is definitely key to adequate sales and market share in the category.

  • They appear to have been making minor improvements to the board since launch. Since they have made national market penetration, it would be unwise for them to launch 2.0 unless they had some massive innovation. They are light years ahead of everyone because of the tire and that is patent protected. If someone else is going to launch something. Similar they could do 2.0 or they had some other breakthrough, or they think they can make us re-buy... But, for now, it makes sense to continue on building market share with what they have....

  • Don't get to excited people. Version 2.0 will be cheaper less range and a not as cool version of what we have. More of a mass market thing. Enjoy the one ya got. It doesn't get too much better than this :) Expect to see this sometime in the first half of 2017.

  • Or that....

  • Michael is right.. they will saturate the market and at this price point, also how robust the product is, as well as the ceiling for the technology involved, there's not much room to innovate every year or even every three.

    and personally Ive felt that if they go any faster, you're going to start reading about OW related fatalities.

  • @utsu in only interested in swapping batteries the builds awesome, just need to be able to use all day or ( extra batteries)

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