Goofy or regular?

  • Do you have to be goofy or regular to ride a one wheel? I am a regular and i was wondering if the initial stance on the one wheel is regular or goofy?

  • It doesn't matter, you can stand goofy or regular, and with sensor in front or back.

  • You can indeed ride regular or goofy but I highly recommend not riding with the sensor in the rear unless you have to quickly change directions without the benefit of space to turn. Since most people steer with the rear foot, having the sensors in the rear with you pivoting off your heel and toe is begging for disaster. It is designed to be ridden with the sensor in the front.

  • Regular, I ride sensor in the rear. I have a snowboarding background and am used to taking my rear snowboarding binding off and scooting. My front foot on my snowboard always remains bound in the entire time I am on the mountain so it becomes part of the board in my mind. If I started to lose my balance on my snowboard in the lift queue it was always my rear that moved to save because front is immobile.

    When I started riding OneWheel and I had to bail I found that I would always take my rear foot off the board, my brain was trained from snowboarding to think that my front foot was stuck and couldn't move.

    If you are going to find yourself in a situation with only one foot on the board it had better not be your sensor foot.

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