Watch your shoe laces!

  • Cruising along on a night ride a few blocks from my destination when suddenly -- WHAM! The OW flips up and hits the inside of my shin HARD. Amazingly, I managed to take a few running steps and avoid a nasty fall -- probably because the force actually snapped my shoe lace rather than just locking down on it -- but my whole inner shin turned black and blue for a couple weeks.

    Moral of the story: If your shoe laces are too long -- please cut them shorter or replace them!

  • @df-sean Youch! Good tip!

  • @df-sean a lot of people thought the exposed wheel would be risky for this type of reason but you are the first to report anything getting caught in the wheel. Glad you ran it out...could have been much worse.

  • Yeah -- definitely could have been drastically worse (broken ankle, torn ACL, etc) -- I consider myself very lucky. I was also surprised that a search of the forums didn't turn up any other shoe lace related disasters --- I guess in that sense, I very UNlucky! :-)

  • @df-sean There was a lawyer who signed up a month or so ago just so he could warn FM of possible lawsuits from people getting things caught in the wheel. I told him to shove off because that would never happen, haha.

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