Goofy/natural, dominant/weak foot on sensors?

  • If I ride natural then should I put my left (leading) or right (trailing) foot on the two sensors? Or doesn't the direction of travel matter? Perhaps my dominant foot should be on the sensor as that is the one I am most likely to remove from the board in a crash/bailout situation?

  • I've tried both. I ride regular, and getting on with the left foot on the sensor felt most natural, so that's where I started.

    While trying things out on my first ride, I felt that I wanted to steer a bit much with my leading foot. I was afraid that in doing so I might deactivate the sensor by accident while shifting weight around. So I tried having the sensors under my right foot.
    This worked well, until I lost balance and dismounted. Because when I did so, I stepped of the board with my leading foot.
    This action obviously caused the board to be pressed in full reverse, and due to the fact that I was still standing on the sensor, I got a little burnout action. This isn't great for your pants, but that's about it really.

    Now when I ride I always get on and ride regular with left foot on the sensors, and I haven't had any problems with it.

    So I'd say that you are right to put your most "likely to remove" foot on the sensor for bailouts. Or if you know that you tend to shift around one foot, then that one shouldn't be on the sensors, but I find that to be something changing with direction.

  • Yup. I ride left foot on sensor and forward. And do the majority of steering with my right foot, like a rudder. It gives me the freedom to lift my toe or heel and do some really hard turns.

  • Goofy rider here and I've tried the sensor in both locations. I prefer it forward.

  • Yup, regular foot rider. I use my rear foot for steering too much for the sensor. Left foot and sensor up front.

  • Goofy, Sensor in the Front, Steer with my back foot.

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