Out door yoga mat great place to practice tricks!

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  • What kind of tricks are you working on?
    Starting to feel comfortable enough to try some ;)

  • About a month ago I spent some time trying to spin the board 180 and land and was getting very close. Also jump 180 rotate and land wich I did once or twice. I was doing this on grass and falling a bunch. Then I came down on my ankle awkwardly and decided to call it quits before I hurt myself.

  • @J-Glide is this that spongy material for playgrounds? I found riding on that stuff is amazing. I've never been able to dig in and carve so hard on anything else. It has to be my favorite surface to ride on so far and is my guess what the beach riders somewhat feel like.

    I've been trying to learn to do a shove it but can never get the board to come around how I want. We need Jack to show us how he busts out those tricks. I've also been going off higher and higher lips/curbs. Which is a weird thing because you need to lean into it like dropping in on a skateboard ramp, but if not going fast enough, the tail slaps and throws it off.

  • @veryous yes it's very much like that surface! I feel a lot better trying tricks on something that I won't get hurt on.
    That would be really cool if he did a tutorial on how to do the spin.
    I have had a lot of troubles jumping off of curbs. Maybe it's because I lean back. So leaning forward is the trick? I got to be very choosy about where I try this. I don't want to break anything

  • @Polle I haven't tried too much yet. So far I can just jump, spin, and then back on the board.

  • @j-glide If I don't lean back I always seem to land and come out in some sort of wheelie tail skid thing like I was trying to brake on a skateboard. The only examples I've found are at this video at like 18 and 33 seconds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNqOU4jx62I If I slow it down to .25 speed, you can see his slaps his tail on the first drop but still seems to come out fairly level. The second drop, the bigger one, he dips the nose right before, still ends on the tail and I'm not even sure he made it. But leaning in right before the drop, has seemed to help me land more level and I need a little more speed than I thought.

  • I can sex change but I'm trying to master the onewheel shuv-it along with the on ground 180. these would all be much easier with the bindings talked about in another thread here.

  • tricks may be easier with these