Electric scooters, unicycles, skateboards?

  • Obviously most of us know onewheel is by far the best at being an innovative and fun transportation device, But I thought I'd start a thread on people's opinions on other electric devices available.

    Right now the electric scooter thingy that looks like a mini Segway with no handle is getting the most popular. I don't think I saw this device until after onewheel so I never considered buying it. It does look like fun but the use case seems very limited because of the small wheels which makes it more of a fun toy inside.

    Also unicycle devices like solowheel have been around for a while and also seem to be gaining a little popularity. I've inferred that these are harder to learn. Has anyone gotten the hang of it to the point where it feels comfortable on street and sidewalk?

    Then you have all the electric skateboards which have pros and cons for one to another but also also compared to onewheel.

    Any thoughts or experiences?

  • I have been riding Solowheels by Inventist as well as Inventists Hovertrax since last December. Hovertrax is truly only for indoor applications, which we use them for, due to their solid tires. Solowheel, the original, not the knockoffs, is as intuitive and easy to ride as Onewheel. It has an extremely far range, at least twice that as Onewheel and a bit easier to carry due to its shape and size. They maneuver just as easily and operate under very similar technology. With that said, after adding a couple of Onewheels to our stable this month, we can't stay off them. Skateboarding as a kid makes the Onewheel top of the charts for me. I received my Solowheel Xtreme, the 2nd gen the same week as my first Onewheel. Talk about having difficulty wiping the smile off my face. I do not use them for anything other than fun and do not rely on them for daily transport. I am however on them nearly every day just for fun and it's great family time as we all ride together. If you can afford an extra toy, in additional to a Onewheel, a Solowheel Xtreme is pretty darn nifty. Do not be fooled by cheap knockoffs. You definitely get what you pay for with Inventist much like Future Motion. Both superb quality.

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