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  • Hi there!
    I'm doing some research in eletric hoveboards/skates and OW is the most wanted for me. But it's the most expensive one comparing with Inboard M1 ($1,399 + $100) and Bolt (699$ + $100), mostly because of the $300 international shipping fee when others are just $100.
    I've been reading the foruns for a while and did't find any topic about it.
    Why is this fee so high compared to other shipping fee? Can we expect a drop when the production line is more mature?
    I did't buy already cause of this fee, which implie high maintaince cost too, compared to other (not as great, I know) eletric skateboards.

    *Sorry for my bad english. Writing from Brasil!

  • It maybe based off of weight is my initial guess. The onewheel is quite heavy and over twice the weight of the M1.

    Another user @lynnpreston is quite experienced with other electric boards. He wrote up a summary at that post there. Might be worth a read for you if you're on the fence.

  • Of the boards I've tried, I would pick a second Onewheel over any of the others - that's how strong my OW preference is. Some of the others are great, but OW is in a different league. My $0.02.

  • International shipping means extra customs or duty taxes for anything sold across borders. That duty tax is a separate charge from the shipping cost. Also the Onewheel has a lithium battery which needs more documentation for most countries.
    I've rode other 'electronic toys' like the zboard and solowheel and a few other skateboards with remotes. They all have their pros and cons and they excel in one aspect or another. The Onewheel is just more versatile than the others. I've never seen any of those other gadgets ride on sand or dirt or grass... 'Nuff said' -wolverine

  • Thanks for the replies!

    My concern is more about the international shipping cost. Here in Brazil the taxes apply to the shipping cost too, making the OW much much much more expensive then the others skateboards I mentioned.

  • I believe the taxes are worth it because if you wanted something with the feeling of the Onewheel, you won't find any other product that can reproduce that Onewheel feeling. You might have to buy several gadgets and together they still will not perform as well as the Onewheel.

  • @Nhodick, save your money or splurge on onewheel. You will not regret it for a second after your first ride.

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