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  • Hello, I am thirteen years old an i am saving all my money for a OneWheel at the moment. I wanted to ask if you are content with the Quality and if you would prefer the Boosted or the zboard.I als wanted to ask if the OneWheel really fully recharges in 20 Minutes an if its 100% water resistant.Another Question is if OneWheel can go uphill very well and if it does really reach the Top speed .Thank you :)

  • This is an amazing board but it is not a toy, please keep that in mind. It does charge in 20 min. (30 min sometimes if its really dead) It goes up hills with ease and I can get mine up to 16mph. I don't know if its 100% waterproof, I ride it in the rain and know others who do too but if it were to fall into a lake or pool I'm not sure it would work anymore. I would like to own a Zboard but nothing even comes close to the OneWheel. its in league of its own. super maneuverable and it in short feels like you are controlling the board with your mind. I would recommend it to you every day of my life but understand it costs the same as a cheap car and will get beat up if you don't take great care of it.

    Also it will make you the coolest kid in school

  • Hi,
    I don't know about quality of the boosted nor zboard but OW is really an high quality and robust product. I wasn't really measure recharging time but it's fast, approx 25min and you are ready to go. Maybe 100% splash proof but I don't wanna try its water resistence 😉 You can't reach top speed on the uphill, but that's just because you can't lean so much. Beside that OW has a lot of power and it can go approx 15km/h (9-10mph) on the steep hill without problem 💪🏻 -o-

  • Thank you I think all the People here are so friendly :)

  • Cam anyone here send a video without music where you really hear the OneWheel and I would be VERY HAPPY if anyone could show a video where you see the OneWheel reach its TopSpeed that would be awesome because I haven't seen a Video like that on yt yet THANK YOU!

  • My Zboard Pro went through 4 speed controllers in 3 months (stranding me each time). I've put close to 1,500 miles on my Onewheels over 8 months and have only required a tire (due to just wearing out) and new grip tape.

  • Save your money and order as soon as you can since the wait is long. I have had lots of neat toys over the years, hot rods, motorcycles etc., however my daughter, 15 and I roll around town effortlessly having a blast. The attached video is not quite top speed but gives you an idea what the motor sounds like. Keep in mind, when you are riding, you barely hear it at all........the Gopro I used was super close to the wheel. Try to negotiate with an adult to order on their credit card for you and give them a down payment and make weekly payments. If you order now, you'll be lucky to see it by Christmas. As a side note, we own Solowheels, Solowheel Xtreme and Hovertrax, all are awesome. With that said, we have been spending all of our time on our OW's. Don't settle on a lesser product.

  • DocBlock Thank you very much Ive already liked you're video but please contact me if you see the a OneWheel Video where OneWheel reaches TopSpeed Thanks for all the replies

  • @vafreak About your question regarding the Boosted board...

    A co-worker of mine has a the Dual+ board, and he seems very happy with it. It has the power to accelerate, is fast, and has no problem going up hill. I tried it too, and even though it's fun, we both like the Onewheel better.

    The Onewheel is very intuitive and you don't need to carry a hand held trigger to power it. Braking on the Onewheel feels good because you are leaning back and it doesn't feel like it's going to throw you off accidentally. I like how the Onewheel has a huge tire so, unlike a skateboard, it can go off-roading or plow through a crack in the pavement smoothly with ease. At low speed the Onewheel has a great turning radius too.

    Hope that helps with your decision!

  • @vafreak I was thinking about getting zboard glad I went with onewheel! No buyers remorse here.

  • thank you for your replies :+1: In about 7 Months i will be able to buy one

  • @vafreak I test rode both a Boosted Board and Onewheel before I got the Onewheel. I am super happy with my decision! The Boosted board was definitely fun and very fast... much faster than Onewheel, and can probably go up steep hills better and is lighter and easier to carry... BUT (big but)...
    The Onewheel is just so superior in feel (like a snowboard), just "knows where you're going" (intuitive) and all the reasons @wayne gives (he pretty much nailed the main advantages of Onewheel).
    Not having to slow down for road obstacles (pavement cracks, trolly tracks, etc. is huge).
    Also the Onewheel is fun because it's like learning something new and has a lot of room for improvement, which the Boosted board does not.

    Also, you will get TONS of looks and questions on Onewheel... way more than any "normal" electric skateboard.

    Finally, I would take @DocBlock's suggestion and get a loan from a grown up and get the thing ordered! It takes a long while to get it and you need it NOW!

    It's the most fun you can have without a snowboard

  • Was just curious about some of the other boards after reading more comments from this post. So I did some looking into these electric skateboards and found out some interesting specs on boosted boards and zboard2

    First off they both look like fun boards to ride. I'm guessing the learning curve to these is slightly easier to onewheel if you are used to riding skateboards.

    Looks like the main advantage to both is weight and top speed.... Though they are both on gen 2 vs onewheel gen 1.

    Zboard2 has much greater range than onewheel and boosted boards which is a bonus. I was surprised to see boosted boards range listed as less than onewheel with a max rider weight also less than onewheel from which I would infer onewheel does at least as good on range as boosted boards regardless of weight.

    But here is where we separate the Machines from the toys:

    Onewheel recharges in 20 minutes vs 60-90 minutes on the other boards.

    Onewheel is sealed from weather and other elements while the other boards warn strictly against riding on anything more than a damp surface.

    Onewheel is controlled by intuitive movement while boosted boards uses hand remote control trigger and zboard requires shuffling your feet from one sensor to the other to slow down or reverse.

    Onewheel can ride over all sorts of terrain while the other boards require a near perfectly smooth surface for a nice ride.

    The choice seems pretty simple to me. If you live in a perfect world with perfect pavement and no rain, buy an electric skateboard. If you live in the real world, buy a onewheel. Or if you can afford it, buy all three.

  • I've never understood the allure of the Boosted Boards. Other than slick marketing, the specs just don't stand out to me compared to other options in the market. Admittedly I've never ridden one, but spec-wise, I just don't get it. Marbel, IF (and that's a big IF) they can deliver on their promises seem to be the winner when it comes to specs (top speed, waterproof, good range). But I keep asking myself - do I care? Each time I step on my traditional powered board, I think, this is fun, but not nearly as fun as OW. Why am I riding this again? I'm going home to get my OW.

  • Backed a Marbel back on kickstarter....I am sure I will enjoy it...ONCE I receive it. But for me it is more like a commuting board. I think I will have the BIG FUN on the Onewheel....probably going to buy one in October.

  • @franky you left one out... turning... ow can turn way sharper than boosted (or any traditional skateboard) and that's pretty important especially for city and/or sidewalk riding (or for me as I ride around my office building, lol!)

  • @kbern, my bad but in my defense I had not rode on city streets until tonight.😉

    Now that I have I can see what a huge deal that is especially getting on and off sidewalks ect where you have to turn to get on then turn again to go.

    Also forget to mention head and tail lights that are bright enough to ride at night easily. Not to say anything about the fact that they are reversible.

  • I love that this is purely American designed, and assembled! It's about time we made a quality product in America!!! Take that China! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Can you pay the onewheel monthly?

  • The only thing I can see where the boosted board wins is shape.. you could probably throw the board in any backpack when you're done whereas the OW with the large wheel requires a unique bag. Also given you're 13 I'd imagine the OW would be a tight fit in a locker.

    HOWEVER nothing gives that "woah this is so cool" reaction than the OW, and I've commented multiple times on this forum about amazing feel of the OW.

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