This is an amazing community to be a part of!

  • I just wanted to say I'm stoked on how great the OneWheel community is. Its great to develop a good product, its awesome to develop a great community around your product. great job FM!

  • I think so too: I just waited a few Minutes and two persons have already replyed detailed to my questions VERY NICE COMMUNITY

  • Yeah, so far everyone is and has been really cool here. #OneWheelTeam

  • This product would be amazing coming from a an experienced company known for great manufacturing, build quality, and software integration. The fact that this is future motions first product is miraculous. I can't wait to see what they will do with more experience and resources.

    They also did great with this forum and I can only expect it to grow exponentially as more people get their boards. It's always fun to hear from new people excited to have just gotten their board.

  • This community is made up of the earliest of early adopters, who also happen to be looking for a chance to live out their BTTF2 fantasies. Basically a Utopia.

  • Hey all, so awesome to hear and feel all the good vibes from our riders. We worked really really hard (and still do) to make the most mind blowingly awesome product but we know that you are the ones who will galvanize, shape and define what it means to Onewheel. Our goal is to help create those 'smile don't lie' with you all and it is an absolute joy to watch you all share those moments and experiences with each other. Keep being awesome and we will try to keep up ;)

    • Jack and team

  • What Jack said... :point_up_2: :fist:


  • @Onewheel-Support Do you have contact info to learn more about the company from a corporate (investment/biz development) standpoint? Thanks!

  • I just want to say Jack is the man! Thanks the for T-Shirts ;)

  • @future-motion

    Taking a look back at the OW journey (old posts). Great to see the product evolution and that the forum is still a solid place to connect. So looking forward to the arrival of my XR from RiverBound Sports. Keep up the great work FM team...

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