DANGER - Firmware Update 3000

  • I did the firmware update a couple of hours ago and have ridden about 4 miles so far with no problem. I did notice after the update that the app automatically put me back to Classic mode. I switched it to Extreme have had no issues. I have not really pushed beyond top speed but I could not feel any noticeable difference after the update. Make sure if you do the update you switch back to Extreme before you ride

  • I haven't updated yet, is there a release notes saying what was done besides what I saw on the app store update?

    @Franky you update yet?

  • I couldn't find any release notes on Facebook or the website. The only notes are the two lines of text which you get when you update the app on the AppStore

  • Sorry to hear about the spill @erichs!

    Firmware 3000 was released on April 3rd and it's what all boards have been riding on since. It introduced several important safety features including pushback when reaching top speed preventing riders from going over the front.

    If you are not familiar with pushback, please check out Julian's comment on the following post: http://community.rideonewheel.com/topic/129/is-this-pushback

    Some riders have the tendency to 'fight' the pushback and counter it by leaning forward to try to stay at level as you seem to be describing. Because you are actually leaning forward to counter the sensation of the board pushing you back, the board will not decelerate. That is why it seems like you can't slow down and your tail is dragging. Eventhough it seems like you don't have room to lean back, if you shift your weight back, you will slow down. The board is not controlled by the angle it's riding at with respect to ground but by where the center of mass of the rider is at with respect to the board itself.

    Hope you are doing alright and that we shed some light on high speed pushback.

  • @Future-Motion can you inform us on what the update changed?

  • @SkateFirst.SamT No update was released. As mentioned above, FW 3000 has been out for a while now.

  • @Future-Motion. Thanks for getting back. I am used to high speed pushback as I am usually always at full speed. This was different. I was 50% charged and braking did not work at all at top speed. When I got to the app it told me to download the firmware again. I did and then when I logged in again it said I needed to update again. This has happened about 4 times now. It is telling me that version 3000 is current but it is also telling me to download version 3000.... How can I remedy this. 760.519.4419

  • A new version of the iOS app was released yesterday. My guess (as an app developer myself) is that each time the iOS app is updated, the app automatically loads the latest firmware to the board the next time it connects, irrespective of whether or not it is a different firmware version from what's already on the board. Just a guess.

  • Glad I read this before seeing the firmware update in the app. First off I avoided getting really excited. Secondly I avoided spending my nightly ride trying to figure out what changed....and no doubt I'd convince myself I either liked or disliked the "new" version­čśä.

    I only experienced this fight with pushback once or twice on my first day with the board in classic mode. Started feeling comfortable and going faster. Then started resisting pushback because I wanted to go faster until finally I was cruising along with nose in the air just trying to hang on. That's when I new I was ready for extreme and switched it over. Even then it took some time before I mastered extreme to the point where I have not had a close call in a while.

    All of these incidents are not software glitches, they are stories about us learning how to master riding our boards. Obviously pushback is not a natural feeling but understanding it and managing it is a big part of riding onewheel at this point.

  • @Franky I received two firmware updates today. The last one I think is 3030. I noticed that on extreme there is no push back anymore, or if there is it's very subtle. I also noticed about the time I used to feel push back, it now pulses forward making the board feel unstable. It almost feels like someone is pulsing the throttle. I just slowed down so I wouldn't die.

  • @J-Glide good to know! I declined to update tonight and I'll wait until future motion announces a new version.

  • @J-Glide said:

    @Franky I received two firmware updates today. The last one I think is 3030. I noticed that on extreme there is no push back anymore, or if there is it's very subtle. I also noticed about the time I used to feel push back, it now pulses forward making the board feel unstable. It almost feels like someone is pulsing the throttle. I just slowed down so I wouldn't die.

    So your current firmware is 3030?

  • @sifo I got another firmware update last night. I think I have 3034 now. It also seems to have fixed the issues I was having with 3000 and 3030.

  • @J-Glide I received my board in June and 3000 was already loaded.
    I have never been prompted by the app to update the firmware until last night.
    Last night I declined to update after reading this post.
    Currently the app is prompting me to update to 3034 and my settings say I'm on 3000.
    After you updated did your app settings change to show 3030 or 3040 as the current firmware or does it still say 3000 even though you had installed the 3030 and or 3040 update?

  • I need to amend my comment from yesterday. Today I opened the app and was presented with a firmware update to 3034 (I had been on 3000). I performed the update, which was successful. Now my settings page reports firmware 3034. However, whenever I restart the board and the app, I'm presented with the firmware update again (3034) like others have mentioned. It's easy enough to decline the redundant update, so no big deal.

  • Yep !
    i never use the OW APP(android user:worried: ) , just for switch in extreme mode with iphone's friend.
    i ride extreme mode since the beginning and when i ride my mind stay connected with my back leg (i'm regular/right leg back) and i learn to listen the board..
    Brake capacity is amazing with the OW and the first thing i made is a good balance for a good big braking..OW have limits

    future motion say:

    Some riders have the tendency to 'fight' the pushback

    time will come for top speed sensations :eyes:

    Stay your mind connected to your board :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

  • @J-Glide I got it last night, loaded it. Jumped on the board and it didn't kick the gyro in, which was weird that first time but worked after. Floated around, took the dogs out, seemed okay but I didn't seem to notice anything different really in my quick ride. What did it fix for you?

  • Last night I had pretty much the exact same experience as @erichs. I'm a new rider so I'll chalk up the nasty road rash and sore muscles from 2 very unpleasant falls getting pitched off the front of the board, to me not knowing how to control it; but it felt like the board was getting away from me and I simply could not get it to stop or slow down. Assuming there's nothing wrong with the firmware, I suspect (sincerely hope) my issue is that I need to shift my weight (center of gravity) back, which isn't necessarily the same as pressing down on the tail with the back leg- I get that. I also uploaded to the new firmware 3034 this morning, anyone know what upgrades it included?

  • I think this could be from trying to drive with the angle of the board by pushing your feet up or down VS. driving with your hips. Where ever your hips are as opposed to the wheel is where you will go. forward backward and turning (either side)

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