DANGER - Firmware Update 3000

  • downloaded 3034 this morning, board works just fine, no problems!

  • Blades, I had the same problem when I tried to do the update two of my three boards. One of them took it perfectly, the other two seem to have stalled during the download resulting in what appeared to be a frozen board no lights, no nothing. I shut everything off 'forgot' the board through the app and eventually it did update

  • I was just messaged by OW this afternoon. There is a glitch in the 3034 app update that keeps asking you to update your firm ware. OW said "The app got updated on apple's store and it had an issue where it would tell people there was an update to be installed even though no update was released for the board. Right now the app should be asking you to update to 30034. if you already did that, then just press on update later and ignore it. if you are not on 3034, then update once and then ignore it from then on.
    we already submitted to apple the fixed app and should be out soon. that will make the app stop asking to update".

  • @J-Glide you should probably make a new post on this. 30034 App update glitch/issue with new firmware update constantly asking type wording as the title.

  • @veryous Done. It's under technical support questions

  • I'm still on 3000 and I'm going to wait to update until there is a reason to. When 3000 came out future motion made a big deal about it and it was a big change from what people were saying. Now there is 3034 but future motion is saying there is no change from 3000. I'm happy with the current firmware anyway.

  • I updated all 3 boards to 3034 without any problem. I had the chance to test roll one and did not notice any difference in any handling whatsoever on asphalt. The only issue I am having is the recurring prompt by my app to upgrade, even though the firmware states it is currently 3034. It seems to be a glitch in the app that I am sure OW is on it.

  • Hey @DocBlock ,

    Unfortunately, you are right. The app has a glitch that makes it always prompt to update, even when there is nothing really to be updated.

    That should be fixed once apple releases the app store, hopefully tomorrow. For now, if you already have your board at 3034, just press on update later. Sorry for the trouble!

  • While riding today I did the update. Immediately my board stopped throwing me off it. Now it will not turn back on. Even if I have it plugged into the charger.

    What can I do?

  • @colinochel Im right there with ya. Right now I'm just waiting on an app update.

  • Hey @colinochel updating while riding = bad news. Your board is changing how it processes information when you update it so you don't want to do that when you're on the fly! It's ok - it's not broken. Plug your board into it's charger, reinstall your app and install the update to your board again. When the update has gone through you can take it off the charger and you should be good to go. Happy trails!

  • Thanks.

    I deleted the App and then reinstalled.

    I have the board plugged in.

    But no boards show up on the SCANNING FOR ONEWHEEL screen.

    The board will not turn on.

    What am I missing?

  • @colinochel I have also experienced the same issue where the app won't show up when scanning for onewheel. Both times this happened, I power cycled my iTouch and upon restarting and launching the onewheel app, bam- it found my onewheel. This really shouldn't be happening though, hopefully support can fix this.

  • @colinochel I had this happen to me once. Try plugging your board in, wait a few seconds, and then push the power button. This fixed my board.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sounds like a tech support phone call

  • Is there a support number? You can email me at me@colinochel.com if there is one.

  • support@rideonewheel.com

    I did not see a phone number but I'm certain you can get someone to call you

  • The onewheel support number is 800-283-7943. I called them once and they got a tech to call me back, shortly.

  • @adubberley I just saved that number to my contacts immediately! Lol

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