Tire pressure a bigger deal than I thought!

  • I just got a second board and the tire wasn't pumped up as much as the one I ride every day. What a revelation... In my neighborhood (cracks in the sidewalk are a breeze now!) and through grass it is so much easier! I love the board even more!

    What are peoples favorite tire pressures?

  • I'm still experimenting with psi, very interested to see what psi other people enjoy

  • Since my pressure started dropping after a few months, I've been riding on high, low and everything in between when it comes to pressure.
    When I updated to extreme 2.0 and took it for a spin, I hadn't pumped it back up recently. It was like riding on heaven.

    You do get a low mileage, and it's probably better to ride it at the recommended level. But 75% of that feels a lot nicer.

  • If the pavement is smooth I like a full tire. It seems faster, longer range, and more responsive (but bumpier) otherwise a softer tire makes for an amazing ride on any terrain. worth the reduced range and speed if i don't have much flat, crack-less pavement. I haven't dialed in my psi preference yet though, I just kind of eyeball the difference

  • This maybe one of those personal preferences things. I was playing with it and went too low out on a ride one time. The board almost felt sloppy and less stable. Kind of like your car does when it's tires are low, then you fill them back and you notice the difference.

  • I first checked my pressure after the range on a single charge was lower. I was down to about 12psi. Since then I keep it just above 20 because I go on a longer ride each night but have not done a comparison of different pressures on the same day enough to say which way I prefer to ride. I filled back up tonight and was thinking about making a post like this as I'm also curious about others opinions on psi.

  • Could anyone of you post a video where you ride the OneWheel at TopSpeed :+1: (do you actually need a high pressure to reach topspeed ?) Thank you !

  • what are you guys using to inflate your onewheel/check PSI? I dont have mine yet but read the manual that says go to a gas station, of which there are few of where I live (Manhattan)

  • I use a bike pump and standard tire pressure gauge, works great and is very fast

  • For commuting in the city, I keep the pressure right up to 20 psi for the better range. When I hit the mountain bike trails, I've settled on 16 psi as a compromise. Still fairly good range, but makes the roots much easier to take.

  • I ended up buying a low-pressure tire gauge (one that only goes up to 30 psi), so that I could more accurately tell the difference between 20 psi and 16 psi.

  • I pumped mine up to 23 psi yesterday and the ride was fast and I got great battery life. However it was very bumpy and felt significantly harder to ride. I had issues in grass and on sidewalks that I am used to riding through with ease. also in extreme mode I found myself getting up to top speed quicker but also peaking over top speed and dipping a little too low to the ground when I surpassed top speed. Turning was also very noticeably more difficult. Over all it felt more like I was riding a machine where as the lower tire pressure causes the board to feel more like an extension of my body as does surfing or snowboarding.

  • Personnaly i inflate my tire at ~ 29 psi !!!(max inflate tire ~60psi)
    i ride a lot asphalt and i think it's great for this surface and better for lifetime tire....
    moreover i realize that my tire is deflated quickly with this hot summer.....
    i certanly buy a compressor to check my tire pressure more often.

  • Since the first time I realized my tire was really low I have been keeping it up to 22+psi and I have no problems riding at higher pressure. Agree that you get better acceleration and range on higher pressure but the small bumps are more noticeable and the big bumps are jarring. Also there is more noise going over big bumps from the echo within the tire.

    Tonight I got it down to 16psi and really enjoyed how smooth the ride was. Acceleration seemed more sluggish but carving was buttery smooth. Small bumps barely no viable while big bumps not as jarring. After my 5.6 mile ride I came back with 2% battery which was a little too low for comfort. At 22psi, this same ride left me with 9% battery left.

    Gonna also see about getting a low pressure gauge and keeping it around 16 unless I know longer range is needed.

  • @Franky Thanks for the info!! :)

  • Although I don't get as much life out of my battery, I think I enjoy riding somewhere between 15-18 psi just because its a smoother ride and can handle off road a bit better. I use a bicycle pump to pump up my tire and I bought a cheap tire gauge that has a flexible hose so I can get it on the tire stem a little easier then some tire gauges I have used in the past.

  • @BradK @lynnpreston Which bike pumps are you guys using? The one I have at home, but the head is too large to fit in the the space to get at the neck.

  • @veryous I honestly couldn't tell you the brand because it is such an old bike pump that it wore off lol. It has a 12 inch flexible hosing with a metal attachment at the end which is small and fits well onto the stem. My pressure gauge is a cheap one from slime and it also has a flexible line on it with a metal attachment. Look for anything with a flexible hosing line because it just makes your life a lot easier filling the tire and checking the pressure.

  • Getting my air compressor up, on, filled up etc. is getting a little old. Thank you.

  • @veryous - I have an air compressor mounted to my garage ceiling with a retractable hose. Super convenient for topping air and blowing off dirt/sand.

    Have you added SLIME to your tire yet? That should reduce the leakage to a minimal level.

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