Onewheel tire

  • I am still wondering why you did choose a tire without any profile. I mean: take cars, bikes, etc.. - they all have tires with profiles. And onewheelers are driving in the same area as normal cars & bikes - so why did you guys choose for such a tire?
    I am not complaining, dont get me wrong! I am just curious :)

  • Cars, bikes, etc have means of steering besides leaning. I think I heard them interview and say this tire was the best they found for maneuverability while also offering stability. More flat and it would be harder to turn. More rounded and it would be less stable...

  • Hey Jase, it's all about a balance of maneuverability and stability. We wanted a tire that was flat enough to allow riders to balance while idle (makes learning much easier and really important while waiting at stop lights, ect.) while still having enough profile for carving. The Vega tires were the best we tested!

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