Motor damage over 15mph?

  • @Future-Motion At work, I spoke to a mechanical engineer who builds robots, and the topic of motor sizing came up. Motors for the robots are ordered based on required speed and torque, and if the animation is greater than the motor specs then the motors could overheat and get damaged.

    That made me wonder if there is a max speed to keep under to prevent motor damage in the Onewheel. I know it is advertised that the Onewheel has a max speed of 15 mph, but is that also the recommended speed to prevent overheating and motor damage?

    The reason I ask is the motor makes whining sound around 16-17mph and I don't want to break it. :)

  • Hi @Wayne, The noise you hear at those higher speeds is from the motor trying hard to keep up with you. That being said, the motor won't get damaged by pushing it hard but please wear a helmet so you don't get damaged either :)

  • Thanks, good to know :)

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