OneWheel front backside ?

  • Hello

    I wanted to ask the experts here if OneWheel does actually have a front and a backside or can you travel both direction with no different in Power :+1:

    Thank you

  • I'm curious too as whenever I've tried to ride switch with sensor in the rear it seems like the nose rides lower. But given riding switch feels so awkward for me it could ride the same but I just think it is different.

  • Both sides are the same in construction, but 1 side has the sensor. I would suggest that you put the sensor always on the same side, as it is really important to know how to step/jump off when things go wrong...
    Both directions have the same power!

    @Franky I'm planning to learn to ride switch, as it will be a great advantage for my snowboardskills!

  • Thank you very much ! :D

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