Shipping Method

  • Hello!

    Whats is the shipping method for international customers? DHL? FEDEX? EMS?


  • Forcme to Belgium it was UPS.

  • That's sad! :(

    Here in Brazil we have a +18% tax for Courier methods.
    USPS and alikes are far cheaper.

    Can we chose the method?

  • I'm pretty sure it's the same for all International Shipping. You can try emailing them and ask them if they could change couriers for you.

  • The UPS shipping (Worldwide Saver) that FM use is quite fast - about 3 days door-to-door to Europe if all goes well - except mine got stuck in customs for a few days as there was no product description on the package apparently so I chased UPS and told them what it was and then they it got released in 20 minutes.

    But indeed the USD300 for international shipping is expensive and it would make sense for FM to offer a cheaper option.

    E.g. last year I bought two subwoofers in Las Vegas on eBay and had them shipped to Europe - not UPS Worldwide Saver but eBay International Priority Shipping - that took closer to 3 weeks instead of 3 days, but it only cost $90 (total weight of that shipment was 104lbs vs the OW package weighing 37lbs).

    So maybe FM could offer a low cost shipping option for those who are willing to wait a few weeks instead of a few days and save a few hundred dollars?

  • @Bart International USPS methods that are that cheap are extremely unreliable. They frequently get lost and then bounce around a variety of countries before getting to their destination. For such an expensive item, UPS or Fedex is the way to go. In addition, the USPS insurance policy is terrible. If it really gets lost, the odds are not in your favor for getting your money back or a replacement board. It's worth the extra money to be sure it arrives safely.

  • thanks @sidebox - I hadn't realised USPS shipping was so unreliable; the subs I shipped were only USD350 so shipping them for USD300+ didn't make sense and the cheap option worked - but that may have been luck then!

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