App version 3034 glitch

  • @blair the repeated prompt for update is happening to everyone and future motion has said its a glitch with the app they are working on fixing. Repeatedly updating firmware is just installing the same firmware over again.

    Other people have had unresponsive boards trying to update and there are specific instructions to get it back. Can't remember exactly but I think it involves uninstalling and reinstalling the app, connecting the board to power, connecting the board to app, and reinstalling firmware. If that doesn't work, email support.

  • @Franky thanks for that - have tried various routines with no joy - have emailed support. having just dropped $300 on international shipping and another $400 on taxes to get across the borders not too keen on having to ship back - lets hope their support team are long distance miracle workers!

  • @blair @Franky @Onewheel-Support
    It would be nice to know the specific instructions to get it back on since the board is pretty much dead. Im trying to be understating , Im sure onewheel is having a rough week with this, but can we get a reset instruction?

  • The board died on me while I was riding as my app tried to update and failed. I got a flashing blue light on the board and was a mile from my car. I ended up deleting the app then downloading it again. Thankfully it found my board and updated it with the same fir wear and started working again.

  • @Blades Did you get your board working again?

  • @J-Glide sent it back one week ago. Had to go from Kansas to onewheel head quarters in Cali so it's just getting there. The onewheel team was really great to work with. They paid shipping and said they would have it fixed and sent out the same day. It's still pretty depressing having tasted the good life owning this electrical marvel only to have it ripped away for what seems like an eternity. Can't wait to ride again.

  • I will never do an update again btw.

  • @Blades I feel your pain! that is one of my worst fears (not having my board). That is partly why I bought a second one. I really do think the OW might be more addicting than crack. haha...... I've noticed you haven't posted much at all since your board broke. Pick your head up man! It will be back soon! :)
    I'm sure your pit bull misses you riding too.

  • I bit the bullet and upgraded from 3000 to 3034 since I figured if future motion didn't want us to upgrade they would take the new version down. Anyway my first impressions were good. Seemed like better performance off road keeping nose up more. But I feel like extreme pushback is now more pronounced than it was before. Seems like the app registers speed as higher than it did before which means pushback kicks in sooner and it makes stats like trip miles further than what the same travel was before. For example under 3000 max miles per charge was 6 but after I upgraded I supposedly did 7.8 miles. Anyway not complaining, still very good. If anything more safe. Just wish top speed is higher.

  • @indutaurus Would you please stop spamming about Leo?

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