• Please allow the app to show multiple boards and not have to make it forget one to see another. Having it recognize all 3 of ours and allow me to Bluetooth to only 1 at a time, obviously, would be ideal. Also adjusting the color of the data part of the app might be helpful as it seems really difficult to read in bright sunlight. Keep up the great work👍

  • Yes, the grey on black is terrible for accessibility reasons. Death to low contrast text!

  • I think a more robust app would be great. Maybe with a better UX and the ability to track stats. I'd like to know how much mileage is on my board, my top speed during my last run, distance travelled, riding time etc. Think Onewheel meets Moves.The whole screen as a battery meter doesn't make too much sense, I think it would be easier to read at a glance if it was just large numbers that simply say XX%. It would also be nice to be able to open the app and then pair to the board. Id like to be able to look at my stats even if I don't have my board with me.

    Also, I have noticed that the apple watch app stays in MPH even though I have my app set to metric. You guys reckon you could fix that?

    Im having a blast on the Onewheel though, I'd recommend it to anyone :)

  • Instead of staring a new thread I'll add on -
    Sorry if this info has been posted elsewhere

    If only the app would

    1. Record current and total run times / mileage
    2. Maybe slide between status pages - (ex: battery life , current MPH , total stats)
    3. Maybe something interactive to sync with other OneWheel enthusiasts - to compare and share experiences (ex: distance , mapping , elevation , speed )
    4. I do agree with visibility and contrast during day time runs
    5. I do agree with multiple device memory
    6. I do agree with self adjusting to fine tune your mode of riding
    7. Last but not least on board PSI as I personally don't always check my tire and would be nice to see a high/low psi level indication

  • Those and a log of shutdowns.. :)

    I'd like to know why it stopped on me the last few times, battery, foot, or software bug...

  • total mileage seems like a no-brainer to me!

  • @docblock First world problems for sure and one that almost none of us can relate to lol, but for the price.... not unreasonable!

  • Really, they should just open source the API and let us write our own... :) Be much quicker..

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