Shipping & LAW (Germany/Europe)

  • @liekensk
    "If I have an accident with my bike, it is my 'familial' insurance that covers the responsability.
    In Belgium, electric bikes are considered bikes as long as they do not drive faster than 25 km/h assisted.
    The max speed of the OW is definitely <25km/h. So, it seems logical to me that also this is covered."

    I think the german law is nearly the same. But the big point is that with the OW you don't assist with muscle power to drive it. So it isn't covered.
    But you are cover by your special Belgium law... so no worries. In Germany there is no special law like this jet...

  • I think the big issue with the Onewheel and other electro skateboards in Germany is that they don't have an "active" break.

  • Hey @MaxTex,

    we've been riding the onewheel for over 6 months now, mostly in germany (Berlin & Bochum).

    So far, the only notable thing the police did is stopping us and asking us some questions. They are just curious (like everyone else) and always friendly.

    But we're also 'lucky' - we haven't done any damage, because we're cautious when riding in public and avoid riding through pedestrian zones (apart from nighttime).
    You're right about the insurance thing. Whatever you do, be prepared that no insurance will cover damage, and with the heavy board and its speed you can easily damage people and things around you.

    Technically it's not illegal, it can be considered grey zone as the lawmakers have yet to pass a law on this. At least this is what we learned from a lawyer, and have some buddies who work in the certification business. That said, german regulations might also ask for some "improvements" of the board - good ol" german bureaucracy.

    I guess as long as we're dealing with only a handful of germans with onewheels (We actually never saw another one), it will take some more time until there will be more clarity.

  • Yes. I think I will handle this like you do. Soon there will be a OW in Munich =)

  • $300 euros to import? Illegal? Man, that really stifles innovation and human freedom. I think you need to lobby your government is what you need to do! I'd start by mailing them a copy of Atlas Shrugged :-)

  • What was it classed as for duties as in the UK there are lots of different rates - toys would be 17% duty I think, electric motor 1.7% duty, a Electric motorcycle 6% and a skateboard 2.7%

    Also does UPS add any charges?

  • I will ask my insurance and the local police station about this. But anyway I will drive the OW. But it's good to know at what circumstances you driving this thing.

    My insurance (Sparkassen Versicherung Wiesbaden) said that Onewheel is not a "zulassungspflichtiges Fahrzeug" and the normal personal liability insurance will cover it.

  • @flop do you have to have insurance just to walk around town then?

  • I think so. The insurance said that it is like a E-Bike.

    But I will mail them again because they don't use the word Onewheel in there reply or a reference to my mail. Just in case.. :-D

  • In Berlin now. I wish I had my OW with me. So many awesome places to roll around here.

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