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    I will be getting mine the end of this month or beginning of next month when they ship out. They can even alert you of someone trying to break into your lock and alert you, so you can call the cops or go there ur self to stop the theft of your onewheel.

  • @Wakeboarder54 Cool... let us know how it works out!

  • @thegreck Will do for sure!!

  • @AdamDoubleG, sorry for the delay. I was on vacation and far from my board. It may be too late to help you, but in case it isn't, or if anyone else is interested, here is a picture of the TiGr mini locking up my OneWheel. The best thing about this lock is the light weight, and I also like that you can carry it unlocked and lock it without a key, so you only need to get the key out once to unlock it. Did you get yours? How are you finding it?


  • @amyt2205 I was looking through the reviews on Amazon and thought people might be interested to see this one:


  • Hi @amyt2205 - yes, I did buy one but I've not used it yet; when I've been out on the OW it's usually just been to ride around for fun so I haven't been anywhere I've had to leave it unattended (I took it to the supermarket a while ago but just stuck it in the trolley.
    @thegreck - that's a shame about that Amazon review. I think all locks are defeatable if the thief is a pro though, the other reviews I read for it said it was pretty decent.
    The difference between a bike and a OW is that people don't immediately know how to ride off with a stolen OW and it'd be pretty awkward to run away carrying it, so hopefully that works in our favour...

  • @AdamDoubleG This ^^ Whenever I think of someone stealing my OneWheel I can't imagine it would be very graceful unless they had a car very close. I will still probably get a lock just in case, but I wouldn't leave it out of my sight even locked up. This is a good thread though, lots of good suggestions.

  • @hustle Agreed. I don't think most thieves would be prepared for how heavy it is. Running with it would be very difficult, so you could pretty easily catch up to him. And they'd have no idea how to ride it, so they wouldn't be able to take off on it like bike thieves do.

  • So far I've been lucky (fingers crossed). I've left it locked up outside several restaurants while I eat, with no problems. This was in high-traffic areas where someone carrying bolt-cutters would certainly attract attention, and not for more than an hour or so. Also I'm sure @AdamDoubleG is right--no thieves probably know what the heck this thing is yet, much less what to do with one if they were able to get the lock off.

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