Riding OW on Collins Ave Sidewalk (Miami Beach)

  • Just wanted to share a vid of taking the OW on a busy sidewalk. You can see all the pedestrians that need to be considered, as well as the gawkers. I also have 2 different dismount techniques shown. Pretty basic stuff, but a good look for the feel/speed/sound for those of you who haven't taken this for a spin yet.

    Before doing something like this, it's very important you get a good feel for maneuvering at slooow speeds. I wish I lived in a less crowded beach space, but this is about as open as South Beach gets.

    I'll add that I've had the OW for about 1 week, with no previous skate/snowboard experience (although I ski and rollerblade very well).


  • Lol all the people gawking is kinda funny.

  • thanks for the video sir!!

  • @forzabucks very dope!

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