Changing OneWheel Tire

  • I wouldn't be too concerned over flat tires as products such as tire slime have been recommended in the past.:

    It would be interesting to know when a service center address in Europe will be available.

    For now can we get an estimate on what kind of lifespan we can expect from our tires as there doesn't seem to be much information available online. I know it is all highly dependant on lifestyle and riding conditions, but an estimate would be handy (5,000km - 10,000km vs 20,000km - 30,000km for example)

  • Carlo and I have gotten ~1,000 miles out of our tires.

  • Hey folks, here to address your tire concerns! Let us first assure you that the tires we use are awesome. These Vegas racing tires are spec'd to go about 150mph so Onewheeling does not put these tires to the test whatsoever. Of all Onewheels shipped we've had exactly 2 tires that have been warn down and needed replacing - and these are early Kickstarter backers who have been riding their boards NON-STOP!

    As for punctures, we've had incredible results using tire sealant. Almost all leaks and punctures can be remedied with a bit of off the shelf sealant. We actually now seal each tire with industrial grade sealant (supposedly could seal a hole from a 9mm bullet, no joke!) before we ship it so there are additional safeguards in place.

    In addition, we are also working to establish international distribution centers where riders would be able to have their boards serviced including tire changes. We are working hard to be able to support all our riders all over the world!!

    Stay inflated and ride on!

  • @lynnpreston I could tell you have gotten ~1000 miles out of yours, you had some nice battle scars. Enjoy the new shiny footpads.

  • @Julian - thanks for the quick turnaround! It's on the truck to be delivered today, so I will be on the lookout. Thanks!

  • @Julian - Received my refreshed OW today! It looks great - thanks! Do you add sealant to the tire after a change? Wondering if I need to add SLIME to my new tire.

    Here is a pic of my OW after the tire and footpad change. Looks like new!


  • @lynnpreston Just like new :facepunch:

  • My onewheel stopped looking new after my first day of on and off roading. Then ride once with dirt on the bottom of your shoes and it just gets caked in the grip and never fully comes out. Doesn't bother me a bit:)

  • Thanks FM - based on your post I'll continue using my board, even with all the little green drips of slime leaking out of it. :)

    Looking forward to having a New Zealand distributor and service agent - if for no other reason than to give interested onlookers a local shop to buy their own OneWheel.

    Congratulations again on breaking the laws of physics!

  • ...I had another thought about this. My tire was flat after only a few rides - I wondering if airfreighting an inflated tire halfway around the world could have damaged the valve? Could the drop in air pressure in a aircraft cause the tire to "over-inflate"? Perhaps it may be wise to drop the pressure before shipping?

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