Portable AC Power outlet

  • Hey @Wayne,

    Sorry for the slow response, crazy week it's been.

    The one from the link you posted is a bit below what you want. It says 200W as the max power, ideally you want at least 250W. Since it's right on the edge, it might sort of work but over time you probably will end up destroying it if it's always used passed it's limits. The 300 stands for Wh, not for Watt output which on the specs page it says 200W :(

  • @Julian Yes, I confused the watt hours for the watts. Thanks for taking the time to look.

    If you don't mind, could you take a look at this one please... I think it meets the specs needed. Its a 300w inverter, with a 288Wh battery...


    Thanks Julian!

  • @Wayne said:


    Hey Wayne,

    That's a nice find! That will do the trick and will give you two full Onewheel charges from each charge of the portable charger

  • @Julian That's great to hear! Wow, two full charges?!! Awesome! Thanks for the info!

    I'm going to order it and will report back on this thread if the quality of the battery/inverter is good, etc.

    I'm amazed that, according to the website, the battery only weighs 4.3 lbs and the inverter 1.5 lbs, for a total just under 6 lbs. Not bad :)

  • @Julian that's pretty enticing - a battery that will give two charges on the road. Seems a shame that you'd have to carry both an inverter for DC to AC and then the regular onewheel charger for AC to DC. Any way to find a solution that is just a battery with DC output and a DC to DC switching power supply (which seems like it would be small and light)?

  • Last night I tested out the portable 300W 120v AC Power Inverter, and it works great with the Onewheel!
    The Onewheel was at 15%, plugged the charger into the inverter, and the Onewheel charged as if using the wall AC.
    The inverter's battery pack was down to about half capacity after the charge, and even though it looks like it can do two full Onewheel charges, the battery instructions warned not to fully deplete the battery. So I think I'll only use it to charge my Onewheel twice in a row in an emergency situation. But the possibility of a 24 mile ride sounds amazing!

  • @DocBlock . Thanks for the info on the Aspect Solar Energy Bar 225. How many charges are you getting out of it? Does it take the same amount of time to charge as if the it were plugged into the wall?

  • Funny you should mention it. After my firmware updates, coincidentally it no longer charges my boards 😕. I can't possibly fathom how one thing could affect the other, but I cannot seem to get it to charge.

  • I deleted my earlier post about it due to its recent failure.

  • @Future-Motion could you weigh in on why the above charger from @DocBlock (Aspect Solar Energy Bar 225) stopped charging after version 3034 was released? Since that is the case do you have a recommendation for a portable battery?

  • @Future-Motion what I would really like is a car charger. I think a purpose-built car charger would be a lot smaller than a 120v car inverter just to then be brought down by the onewheel's brick to what the OW needs (48v?). But for me it would be great to drive out somewhere, then use my car or someone else's to get a charge from the cigarette lighter. Seems simple enough, I have a charger that does that for my Mac and it works great and it's tiny.

  • ^^ second the car charger because sometimes just one ride isn't enough.

  • @Wayne I located a power outlet at the park on my way out! Lol I think I'll last a little while longer without the charger.

  • @818 Nice! I'm hoping I won't have to use my charger but I'm glad to have it for long distance rides. :)

  • @Docblock have you seen in the technical forum how the guys not in the US are having startup/charge problems after 34 update? They're wondering if it's a voltage difference thing. Not sure if this is similar but interesting.

  • image (1).jpeg
    Ready to go!
    Found a shaving bag at Target that stores the inverter, battery, and charger perfectly. Fits nicely in my backpack. :)

  • @veryous indeed I did, quite scary. I'm going to ask one of my electronics buddies what he thinks

  • IMG_4089.JPG
    Successfully refueled! (Griffith Park, CA)

    @Future-Motion I can totally see how the Onewheel can be a new type of board sport. Last week I rode uphill on paved road, with battery down to 5%. I only charged to 65% battery power because I knew the next leg of my route would soon be on a dirt fire road going downhill. Because it was off road, I also deflated my tire from 22psi down to 12psi, for better handling.

    Turned out charging to 65% battery was perfect because with downhill regenerative braking, I got up to 98% full. To reduce the regenerative charge and avoid full battery pushback, I rode more aggressively, carving down the dirt track. Sooo fun!

    After exploring the old abandoned LA zoo, I rode up hill on the dirt fire road, and amazingly, there was only about 50 feet where where I had to hike with my Onewheel because the trail was too steep. I rode my Onewheel the rest of the uphill and just as I got to 4% battery remaining, the trail merged back to the downhill pavement and I didn't have to worry about the battery. By the end of the ride I was back up to 9% and had fun carving on the last stretch. :)

    Because of the variance of the terrain and the extended distance traveled, by managing the battery level and tire pressure, it totally felt like some sort of off-road endurance racing!

    @Future-Motion thank you for inventing this machine!


  • This post is deleted!

  • @utsu Yes, I did check out the elevation gain (accessible when in "bike" mode) and distance on Google Maps but there are several paths you can take so I was partly winging it.

    We should totally ride when you get your board! @MichaelW and @818 are also in the area and we try to ride whenever possible.

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