Riding on a golf course...

  • Took it out on the golf course today and amazingly, the old people who run the place all loved it and were totally cool with me using it, once I let them try of course.

    Riding on a golf course is about as good as it gets, even if it was tougher to control wearing golf cleats. I only used it sparingly, but for whatever its worth, I shot the best round of my life.

    Here's a quick vid from it:


  • That's such a great idea! forget the golf cart!

  • Oh hell yeah!!! Golf courses are the best!!

  • Have to try this!! Looks super fun... Surprised u didn't get kicked off... Some golf guys are pretty stuffy!! Thanks for posting

  • I was also thinking of trying it out on my local golf course.. especially when you need to separate from your buddy and let him take the cart to his ball further away.. don't see this damaging the course as it has a flat and fat tire.

    Need to get one of those PGA players to start using one.

  • @kjmedora it doesn't damage the course at all. It's basically a 25 pound golf cart. So smooth and it just cruises down the fairway. We need to create a golf/OW sport. I'm thinking you do it at a par-3 course so riders only have to carry 3 or 4 clubs, as a full bag would be tough.

  • A friend of mine is going to use his OneWheel as his cart at an upcoming tournament. Golf clubs over his shoulder and away he'll go!

  • @NuclearDeLorean That is not going to be easy. It's already a little tougher to control on grass as-is. I couldn't imagine doing it while holding a full bag on my back....especially for multiple holes. You need to slim down to something that is more like an arrow quiver.

    The other issue could be whether the battery could even hold out for 18 holes. I cover a lot of ground during one round (probably because I take too many shots).

    Either way, keep us updated on how it goes!

  • I think it could be done with practice. I've done many grocery trips with probably 40+ lbs in my backpack. Also I ride on the beach often with my surfboard under one arm and my daughter's under the other. Sand + two surfboards + a little wind = sketchy. But, if you focus and take it somewhat slow, you can do it.

  • Bag on wheels should be an easy way to do it.

  • He's going to fall on his ass and I will laugh. It will be glorious

  • Oh man, I totally thought of this while eating dinner at a golf course. Too bad it was a formal event.

  • seems really fun at a pitch and putt course; all you're carrying is 2 clubs and a few golf balls

  • Do you guys think it's possible to make a 3 mile commute to a golf course on the onewheel while carrying a 30 lb golf bag over the shoulder?

  • @golfer17 Most likely not a problem. I've carried heavy stuff while riding. A bike for example. Not sure why I rode a mile before trying to just roll it next to me...

  • @golfer17 If you are good on a Onewheel, it's definitely possible. I've held a lot heavier and awkward things....it's just about being in good balance. I've definitely lugged a golf bag before....not for 3 miles, but I wouldn't see it being an issue.

  • Just reviving an old thread. I have put in 2 rounds of 9 holes and 2 rounds of 18 already. I use a carry bag with a full set of clubs. No issues except you must avoid wet grass because of slippage on the slick tire. I also asked for permission at the Proshop before starting. They said OK and off I went.

    Last problem is the range - 9 holes on a moderately hilly course uses about 65% of the juice so I need to recharge for 10 - 15 min after 9 holes - OR - swap out to my second OW in the parking lot.

  • Nice I have wondered about this for awhile. My buddies and I have essentially replaced golf with riding however it would be great if we could combine the too. I was thinking I would take the Evolve (Blasphemy I know) do to the longer battery life. I have just wondered what a golf courses reaction would be if I asked if I could use my electric skateboard. However i don't know why it is any different than a golf board, but as someone already said the golfing types can be a little stuffy.

  • @goodblake-eskate Unfortunately my course has singled out specifically that skateboards are forbidden. Due to the small wheels, unless you wanted to stay on the cart path only, I don't see how this is a workable solution even IF the course gave you permission. The Onewheel is unique in that the terrain is not a problem. I sure hope they don't prevent me from using it because it is a blast and speeds up play.

  • @gadgetrider I get where they're coming from in wanting to maintain their field. One of the more exciting wipeouts I recently had was when I was doing a high-speed run on dry grass (soccer / baseball / multi-use field), when I made a sweeping turn and discovered I had unknowingly traveled into soggy, wet, muddy grass, and my turn became a giant curvy uncontrollable slide. I got tossed forward and somersaulted out of it no problem. I went back to look at the scene of the crime and the OW tire left this really long, wide C-shaped path of nothing but mud, all the grass had been dug out. My first thought was crud, the facilities manager ain't gonna like this and I hope I don't run into him any time soon :)

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