It's my #1 choice for sure!

  • Hi 818,
    i catch an used iphone yesterday but i know there was a problem with the firmware...do you know if the problem is fixed?
    Can i update my board?
    Can't wait to try the elevated mode :)
    thanks ;)

  • I ride backwards a little bit at times, like for walk buttons at intersections and other low-speed maneuvering. Does elevated make that forward to backward transition awkward? Never tried it myself.

  • @818 I rode elevated for the first time today uphill and I definitely liked it for the uphill slope.

    I haven't tried it on level ground yet. Do you feel the elevated board maneuvers better or lets you be more aggressive on the board?

  • @fabuz you can bypass the firmware update by pressing the update later button. Then switch modes in the app.

  • I only use elevated for rough off road terrain otherwise not. You have to stand with the front leg higher which isn't as natural of ir comfortable to me. I'm glad it's an option though.

  • Thanks for the tip @franky but finally the app didn't ask me for any updates and all works well ;) cooooooooooooool

  • Yea guys I digg it when I've got that extra space between my forward foot and the ground...I always like hitting hills or little slopes with it so I've always got it on elevated for sure...the EXTREAM mode is sketch but speed wise it's the same.

  • @818 for me elevated is only good for going up hills or off-road. Most of the time I ride in extreme mode.

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