Here come the cloners

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  • Looks cool in wood but I'll stick with my OneWheels. Not sure I trust that its going to be as comfortable of a ride with that hard ass looking wheel in the middle.

  • Anyone who has used/held/owns a OneWheel knows the quality and craftsmanship that goes into this thing. That surf-stole-a-wheel thing is like wanting a motorcycle, and buying one from Razer.

  • lol, 20 MILES? OK, aiming for December? The thing won't come out for years, guaranteed . Ain't nothing like the real thing, screw the knock offs. #TeamOneWheel

  • Looks cheap to me. I bet you won't be able to take it off Road, or in the sand. If they could actually get 20 miles out of that board, then that means it has no power at all. I am sure that it will not be able to pull 15% grade.

  • Turning would be poor at best. You need a tire with a large radius on the edge to make a sharp controlled turn.

  • Lol.. I laughed at this.

  • So what?

    I agree it is a shameless copycat, though I think everybody should be allowed to create in the world what he likes to add into it. They believe they can make a better thing? Well, let them try.
    Future Motion has the credits for being the first with this kind of device. Ok, credits do not serve you food, but they have a major headstart that will.
    Others in the market will push Future Motion to make sure their product is and stays the best.

    Imagine how the roads would look like if only mister Ford(*) was allowed to produce cars. Pretty boring probably and, we might still be riding his Model T.


    (*) I did not check whether he was the first, he probably was not, that is not the point of the message.

  • I'm not sure about this but I thought future motion was trying to patent self balancing with the motor in the hub. If so I'm not sure how it will all play out.

    I do think this will be a large space with room for devices all over the spectrum. There probably should and will be a low cost toy available for kids but 880 is not low enough to justify not getting onewheel which is the real deal.

    Fm should create a toy that retails for $450 with a top speed of 8mph, charges 2hours, range of 4 miles. Probably would sell tons. They would need to make this in China to make good profit. Maybe Foxconn?

  • Chinese engineer shops starting reverse engineering the onewheel last year. This company won't be the last to jump on the bandwagon. I'll say this for my Onewheel. The durability, performance and power (so far) make it one of the best purchases I've ever made. Besides price reductions and customizations (which will clearly come with time) there is no reason to look elsewhere. The proof is in these forums.

  • Good lord that looks awful.

  • I gotta agree with forza. Frist off, as an IT person, and I'm not even a coder or dev, that site is absolutely shit. All of the images are bent, bad broken English, none of the pictures actually show the person riding the board. The deck looks too long, the wheel has no sidewall, I'm not sure how much give it can take, it almost looks hard, and the wheel seems out of proportion compared to the deck or spacing. The FAQ's differ from the main page, distance on main page says 20 miles of range, FAQ says 16km which is basically 10 miles. Interesting there whois info says California as the state, yet the IP the server is in says Tokyo.

    I'm all for competition. I believe competition drives companies to make better products for us all. But come on, really, bah, do better than this shit.


  • Seems quite clear that it looks very odd because it's just a 3D model. They most likely have no actual product yet, and thus all the images of people "skating" but not on their product.

    According to my dear friend scamadviser:
    No registered owner of the site (no name, adress or anything)
    Website Location : Japan
    Server IP from Japan on an Australian network.
    Name servers: China
    But they do state "Our team consists of talented members from Denmark, Canada, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Shenzhen." So it's not like they are hiding it that badly.

    Their FAQ seems to be stolen and modified version of the Airwheel, as they seems to have forgot to edit the name at one point:
    "Q: Where can I ride a Surfwheel skateboard?
    Surfwheel comes under the same laws as Segway, so if a Segway is allowed then Airwheel is probably allowed."

    Might be a real thing, but I wouldn't advise on putting down any deposits ;) (I know none of you will anyway)

  • oh god I read right past that airhweel FAQ haha. Wow.

  • I'm all for competition, but these guys are clearly scam artists.

    I would put 100 bucks down... not on a pre-order, but on their product never seeing the light of day. OneWheel appears to be a very difficult engineering problem, and the build quality continues to impress me.

  • Definitely not a clone and more of a viable product than the original thing above:

    The small wheels freak me out though and definitely helping American's get fatter.

  • @veryous it's impossible to look cool riding that, js

  • haha agreed, but seems easier to ride to me than say a solo wheel. Should ask @docblock what he thinks since I believe he has a few different toys.

  • I was lucky to have logged close to 1000 hours on our Solowheels before receiving my first 0W. I could easily take anyone of you guys and in 5 minutes have you up and running on the Solowheel. It is much easier to carry, has a better range, not quite as fast and the cool factor is just a little bit less then OW. With all of that said, I have not touched my Solowheels since my first OW arrived. FM's amazing product coupled with incredible customer service, makes it my first choice. I also own a couple of Hovertrax by Inventist. Much like that laptop thing with wheels, although demonstrated outdoors, are really only useable indoors on super smooth surfaces like a warehouse. I have extensively researched electric skateboards and similar devices and keep arriving at same conclusion. 0W is still leading the pack in every respect. I thought I would share a pic of my toy closet with you guys😎image.jpg

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