Whole foods with OneWheel Club!

  • I'm going to say if you ride through the store (stopping rarely) and never carry it except when you are in line you are in the club. Must ride out with groceries in hand. If you get asked to stop riding it by the security guard any point inside the store you are automatically in the club! Must buy at least one thing.

  • @MichaelW I made it through Smith's grocery store just fine with nobody stopping me, but when I went to target I was stopped by the manager and he told me I had to pick it up and walk out with it. I did have a successful shopping trip at Lowe's hardware store more than once.

  • @J-Glide It looks like you are not only in this club already, but you are in fact the model member and cult leader... Lol :)

  • @MichaelW hehe....😈

  • @MichaelW I did forget to mention a trip to Walmart where the greeter asked me to not ride it in the store and I did anyway. Lol

  • Riding in Costco with no issue! image.jpg

  • @J-Glide that takes guts. I avoid shopping at all costs and especially big box due to all time needed for walking. If I could do this it would save a lot of time. I don't think I have the guts to do it though.

  • @Franky The greeter at Costco just welcomed me with a smile. It's easy to push a shopping cart with it too. I think you should try it!

  • @Franky I can tell you this is the first time in my life I am excited to need something from Home Depot! lol..

  • I'm really surprised any of these companies allow it. I couldn't do it....too introverted and always trying to keep a low profile.

  • I think the most I've done is grab smokes at the 7/11 down my block. Trickiest part is opening doors without getting off.haha

  • @MichaelW said:

    grocery stop today. Got scolded by the security guard on the way out... Lol... Got asked to leave at two different parks... Both guys said that thing is so fucking cool... If it were up to me... blah blah blah... I would like to start a grocery store OneWheel club. Anyone who has the balls to go to the grocery store and buy something gets to be in the club.

    Double dare you

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    NuclearDeLorean posted 24 days ago reply quote 1
    Does this include shopping ON the OneWheel? Never placing your feet on the floor the whole trip?

    challenge accepted - will I be the first in the uk to onewheel - other uk riders you have about 5 weeks to been me to it!

  • Declare your OW a medically required mobility aid, shake your fist, scream "discrimination," and threaten an Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit. Then, ride wherever you like.

    PS: No, don't.

  • @ThatGuy I tried at Walmart the other night... feeling like @Franky I had to get up all my nerve to ride it in, but when I did, the greeter told me "No skateboards allowed". I told her it wasn't a skateboard... it was a "Personal Mobility Device". By then a bunch of people started gathering around for demos, which I gave, and then walked through the store, respecting the store's wishes. Too bad though, the whole store had SWEET, shiney, smooth, cement everywhere. Next time I will carry it in and then get on it.

  • @kbern said:

    "Personal Mobility Device"

    If I remember correctly House claimed his Segway was for his disability!

  • Damn, I got asked to leave a public park. This is a huge park 500m x 800m which has a duck pond in it.

    Park person said "no skateboards allowed, this park is frequented by old people and you skateboarders are too dangerous". The park person had caught me coming around a corner and hadn't seen the skateboarder I'd passed 90 seconds prior!

    Talked to a couple of people on regular unpowered skateboards later and they said they'd been tossed out for the same reason.

    I wouldn't try riding into a store. Any place skateboards are carried I carry my OneWheel. Don't want to create trouble and hostility towards the machine. One crash into some legislator's grandmother in Walmart and OneWheels are banned from the state as a public menace.

    Any time I cross a road or pass pedestrians I slow right down. Last night I passed two women walking the other way (tons of space) and they were nervous of me, hugging one side of the path. But I slowed to about 5kmh and rolled on the complete opposite side of the path so there was about 2m between us and I heard one of the women exclaim "oh, it is really safe". They initially thought I was a threat to life and limb but I converted them to a new way of thinking just be passing carefully. I am the OneWheel ambassador in my town!

  • Technically it is a unicycle... That's what I tell folks anyway:smile:

  • if people can still drive mobility scooters after driving down roads the wrong way, running over peoples feet (on the pavement) and just crossing the road wherever without looking - I don't see how one wheels could ever be banned! I once saw one "driver" take down a supermarket isle with her mobility scooter tank

  • Screenshot_2015-08-20-08-57-13.png Next time someone gives you trouble, tell them its not a skateboard!

  • @mikeyjihad said:

    Next time someone gives you trouble, tell them its not a skateboard!

    That claim might be slightly undermined if someone sees this:
    Onewheel :: The Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

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