Recharging going down parking garages

  • It occurred to me that since I live downtown I could take an elevator to the top and bomb a few parking garages. Not only would it be a lot of fun but also would help recharge the battery correct? I'm curious if this is a feasible way to get more distance out of a single charge.... Also thought about walking up hills and then riding down if my board is low battery..... I don't have my board yet but curious if this would work

  • The parking garages-idea would work for sure! But carrying the OW uphill is a pretty bad idea, you'll figure why when you take it out of the box :)

  • @ETphonehome My guess is that unless you're going extremely fast down a very steep hill for a long time, you wouldn't notice much of a difference in the charge. But totally give it a shot and let us know how it turns out, because I'd like to know! (Plus, it sounds really fun either way)

  • @Polle He said he'd take the elevator up, which seems like a perfect idea if the plan works. I feel like it would be a minimal amount of charge, but I guess we'll see.

  • @thegreck Yes but he also writes that he would walk up hills ;-)

  • Yea I'm not sure how much charge you get from going downhill. The elevator would make it feasible though I think. Either way I know I'll have to go to a few different garages so I don't get kicked out again..... Already got kicked out of a few on my freeboard;)

  • @Polle Ahhh yes, you're totally right.... and totally right about that being a bad idea! I hate when I have to carry it more than 5 feet even on level ground!

  • @ETphonehome said:

    Either way I know I'll have to go to a few different garages so I don't get kicked out again..... Already got kicked out of a few on my freeboard;)

    I will say it's a lot less likely (but not impossible) that you'll get reprimanded while riding the OW as opposed to a freeboard, as it's a lot more of a controlled ride and a lot less noisy, and therefore doesn't make people as nervous. Also, most of the time people are more curious about it than angry, unlike when you ride a skateboard.

  • Charging only regenerates when braking.. if you're not braking down hill it's not charging at all..

  • I'm fine with that if it recharges a decent amount. Help get more distance on a charge and there's an elevator. By the way I'm going to want one of your custom fenders soon if you have them available @njcustom

  • @njcustom That makes sense. So what he needs to do is drive to the top of a really steep hill that's about a mile long, then ride down it and brake the entire way. Then later get an Uber to take him back to his car.

  • @ETphonehome taking pre-orders.. I will send you a message..

  • I rode up the road about 1.3 miles 15% grade then went a little further up a dirt path and that took about 45% battery then came all the way back just carving and having fun it charged it up another 25% this location is such a fun place and if anyone wants to ride it sometime with me let me know !!

    I flew up to get this shot a couple days ago !!


  • @mranderson Sweet! Where is this?

  • @thegreck its in chino hills I have been up there three time this week riding and hiking the trails , its an awesome spot . one ranger gave me the green light to ride it as well even on the trails and after they closed the gates ! my insta and Facebook has many pics from here .

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