Teach me how to spin my board while riding

  • so while moving forward was looking to spin the board into a 180 and then continue in same direction. I have seen people do this in the OW promo video.
    Any tips, i keep on stalling out when i hit the 180.

  • @skideeppow lots and lots of practice.

  • Maybe do it in a hallway where you can use both of your arms against the walls to balance then as you get better put less and less tension against the walls until you don't need them anymore.

  • @skideeppow try it on a sidewalk with some sand on it , like a boardwalk near the beach , super fun and somewhat easyer than you would think !!

  • I think he's asking how he can continue going in the same direction without a pause, not how to do a 180.

    I'd have to see the part in the video you're talking about to know... I didn't realize it was possible to not pause, since the motor has to switch directions when you flip it around.

  • Maybe this vid will help you...
    But the first step is to practice switch ride at low speed until you feel good on both side...
    Next step, always at low speed , drop a U turn(rotate your shoulder with the movement) and before ending it,push on your back foot (moderatly) and change your gravity center side....
    Like @J-Glide master said:practice and practice and practice and....

  • Try it in your house, on the hardwood, in front of a stand up mirror so you can watch how cool you look when you spin. Its nice to have your dog right there watching too...lol... No don't.

  • i can ride switch no problem. It is the 180 then moving in the same direction that i can not do. So i come in fast, try and spin the board into a 180 then keep on going. I guess lots of practice just didnt know if i was missing something.


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