Range when using extreme shaping

  • Got my onewheel yesterday. Very fun! One problem... On the extreme shaping profile (really should just be called normal, and classic should be called beginner or something) I didn't even get 2 miles of range. Maybe 1.8-1.9 miles. I am ~170lbs, so not sure what's up... Classic shaping I was able to get to work (3 miles) with 30% left which is acceptable to me.

    Anyone else experienced this?

  • @skylarmb Check your tire pressure. Most people like it around 14-15 psi for a nice smooth ride. Below that, and you start to get a lot less range. I can go around 6 miles on a charge.

    If your pressure is fine, try charging the board overnight, which will balance the cells and likely solve your problem.

  • you should be able to go at least 6 miles and mostly 7-8 depend on the terrain . I do it all the time no problem , did you fully charge before you rode and definitely check the tire pressure too .

  • @thegreck I think my tire pressure is very low, I can push it in with my fingers. I think I see a puncture. Damn. Thanks for the advice.

  • @skylarmb Try pumping up and see if it holds, but if there is a puncture and it's minor enough, you can buy an 8oz can of Slime at a local bike shop and squirt half (4oz) of it into the tire, and that should fix it. (There has been a lot of conversation on here that Future Motion does that before shipping, but they're either missing some tires, or it's not true.)

  • @thegreck I would add , that if you try the slime prop the board up and spin the tire real good just after to make sure the stuff goes all around the entire inside .

  • Dudes! I start a session today with 53% battery, extreme only,2bars tire pressure, beautiful weather 18°C,weight rider:65kg...
    25 minutes (hard) carving the asphalt (big uphill and downhill) +20 minutes of soft riding training my skills (flat tricks,balance on sidewalks broad as the tire, switch ride, spin...)
    AND THE OW NEVER DIE ! My legs was broken before...so I stop for today :)
    Amazing range, amazing thing, amazing float life....
    P.S: final baterry statut:2% (and zero warning pushback)

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