NJ cop said I can't ride!!!

  • A New Jersey cop just stopped me and said that my one wheel was a motor vehicle and I was not allowed to ride it?!?! Wtf already

  • @dirtyjersey The eff? Did you tell him to go find some actual criminals? Hopefully it was just that one jerk cop who has a problem with it.

    I had a lady who worked at the train station tell me I couldn't ride it, so I got off. But now I ride it to every station and none of the other workers seem to care. I've even ridden it off the platform and seen 2 cops coming in and they didn't say anything to me. I think there are just a small percentage of official people who are just angry anti-fun a-holes, so I just hop off when they tell me to, then get back on when they're out of sight.

  • Give him the bird and zip away onto some rugged terrain that he would have trouble chasing you on

  • @ETphonehome he was in a Tahoe nowhere to run ... Honestly I thought he was stopping me to say wtf is that like everybody else but he was not feeling the one wheel

  • I bet there was more than one person that told Kyle (the inventor) that he couldn't even make the thing to begin with , I am happy he didn't listen to anyone !!

  • @ETphonehome Why did you delete your post? It was a great suggestion! Haha.

  • @mranderson said:

    I bet there was more than one person that told Kyle (the inventor) that he couldn't even make the thing to begin with , I am happy he didn't listen to anyone !!

    Yeah no kidding!

  • @thegreck I recently got told by 2 d-bag cops that I better get off that thing! They said that there was to many people walking around for that. I looked both ways and there wasn't another person within 200 ft in any direction! I just gave them a look and got back on and sped off. What jerks! Every other cop that has seen me in town has had nothing but good things to say.

  • I'm pretty sure that, based on what I've read in the municipal code for my town, that they would be considered illegal on the street. Then again so was (and still is) riding a skateboard when I was a kid, but that never stopped us. On our best day we were stopped 3 time in about 2 miles. I ride mostly at night, and don't plan to stop.
    Who's making the stickers?


  • @donny-h That sucks man! I had a run-in with a cop this morning, but luckily it turned out better than your situation. I was on the way to work, carving along the same 3/4 mile of uninterrupted sidewalk that I always do, when I saw up ahead a motorcyle cop was standing in the middle of it, and had just given a ticket to a guy with a motorized scooter.

    When I got up to the cop, he just stood there, blocking my way as he filled out paperwork. I wasn't sure if he just didn't see me, so I stopped and asked if he wasn't letting people ride on the sidewalk.

    He said, "HE can't. You're not a problem." So off I went!

  • On the street or sidewalk? I had a cop in seaside heights almost arrest me.. he told me I couldn't ride about 7 times in one conversation.. I said I understand all 7 times then started to bug out because he was clearly looking for a fight..

  • So far Ive been pretty lucky to be unbothered. Up here we arent allowed gas powered machines on sidewalk. Its always best to look up the rules of the road before purchasing one.

  • @juts Problem is, these things are so new, there aren't any rules yet, so cops and security are constantly making up their own laws based on how big of an a-hole they are.

  • @thegreck up here they are looked at like those hoverboard things. People can ride them on the streets BUT are too embarassed to actually admitting to own one. The good thing up here is that as long as its not gas powered we are good. Granted in some places no riding like a train or bus station like a regular skateboard.

  • Not surprised to hear multiple stories of NJ cops being uncool about Onewheeling...from a former resident of the state, a lot of those doofuses have way too much free time on their hands, especially in the suburban areas. I was once harassed just for standing outside of a 7-11 and eating something I had just bought from the store(!)

  • I have had really friendly conversations with cops, asked them if they want to try it out. They never do. I give em the speech as if they are the usual gawkers.... I was sure I was going to get shit at the air show, but I think they were just happy that no one was bleeding... Waived traffic on. So far, just kicked off my gold course... :)

  • @thegreck glad to hear that it's cool there! So last night a cop pulled up next to me and said that these boards are getting really popular and they are being classified as skateboards here which means that I can go on the sidewalks but not on the streets. I told him that that was cool with me and he said thanks for being so understanding! Now I'm just hoping to see the 2 mean cops again and tell them that I can ride on the sidewalks legally.

  • I live in Mays Landing NJ and I have rode alongside cops several times now. They haven't said anything to me so far, but if they do they can fuck right off.

  • @etherialscream As Casey Neistat said when someone warned him that he might get a ticket for riding his Boosted Board, "Well they're not going to catch me. And if they do, I'm not paying the fucking ticket!"

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