Elevated riding

  • So, in the last couple of days I have been experimenting with riding full time in elevated mode. Not only has it eliminated the "runaway board" phenomenon, but it has also given me more confidence pushing the limits of max speed. I grew up both skateboarding and wakeboarding. While this shaping tends to push you back more it actually feels very familiar when you relate it to wakeboarding...which is constantly nose up. I am loving it. I am not in constant fear of the nose clipping a curb. Your legs will require some time to adapt but I really feel like it is worth the effort. All that being said there are some downsides. The pushback at high speed feels more extreme because it will tilt you so far back. I really wish there was something between extreme which is so "nose down" and elevated which may be too much "nose up" for some people. I welcome thoughts and opinions on this!

  • i've been riding extreme for a long time now and switched to elevated the past week cause i started to do more stuff on the trick side of onewheeling. was very interesting to have that elevated nose. it is truly easier to deal with obstacles in your way. however, the early speedpushback kinda is annoying. you're right @Aswellie, there definitely is room for improvement. i'd really love to have the option to turn of the speedpushback when riding in elevated mode. that would be awesome. apart from that i stick with my opinion: elevated for parks and steep hills, extreme for everything.

  • Kills my front leg lol. Couldn't do it for more then a mile..

  • I will have to test out this elevated stuff and report back !

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