Error need some juice, need help from Argentina

  • Can't turn on my board, suddenly my board shut off while I was riding and I couldn't turn it back on. Every time I hit the power button I get a regular blue blink then a short and lighter one and it goes off.
    When I plug in the charger I can manage to connect with the iPhone app, and it appears that the battery charges regularly but there is a sign in yellow that says "Error need some juice" your OW needs to be recharged. Please plug in the charger. The sign remains even when the battery is fully charged.
    Any ideas? I will leave it charging all night to see what happen.


  • @PN Try leaving it plugged in over night. Might need to balance out the battery cells. This fixes it 90% of the time.

  • Thanks Dude! Can't wait to see if it works...

  • @PN I had that exact error last night and it scared the crap out of me! I left it plugged in for an hour and it charged and the error went away. Hopefully that also works for you.

  • @PN, that message doesn't necessarily indicate a problem. Rather, your board not starting up indicates something is wrong since even on an almost empty battery the board will turn on and balance. This seems similar to what I experienced around the new year and I had to send it in to be fixed. Send support a screenshot of your app settings and a short video showing what is going on and they will let you know how to proceed.

  • Unfortunately i had no luck. I had charged the board for the whole day and still can't turn the board on.
    I believe I have the same problem as

    Any idea how to to reset the board?
    I wrote support today...

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