Blue to Silver

  • Love the OneWheel! Love everything about it and can't ride it enough. I recall my first ride - I started on grass to ease into things (and avoid the impact with concrete for both me and the OW). Once I felt semi-balanced on grass, I moved onto smooth concrete and have not looked back since. All is good until the first time the OW tips on its side and scrapes the (what appears to be anodized) perfect blue surface. The thin blue coating looks great when brand new, but after a week of riding, the OW looks like it's been through hell and back. I'm OK with this, but being a designer, I'm always looking at ways to make products more durable - or even appear more durable.

    If the OneWheel's side bars were the natural color of the aluminum instead of blue, the OW would be "perceived" as being more durable to both users (and potential customers). Any scratches would be almost invisible. This change would NOT make the OW last any longer, but it would reduce the appearance of the visible scratches that come with everyday usage - which would improve the perceived durability of the product. Just something to think about as the OneWheel team continue to build the coolest board out there.

  • @JohnnyT Had this same discussion with someone recently, and started wondering how difficult it would be to take off the blue paint (apart from just wrecking it a million times). Then I realized I've already covered my entire board in matte-black 3M tape, so it didn't really matter much at this point.

    But a totally aluminum board with no paint job would be pretty cool... footpads and all.

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