The FAQ needs updating...

  • I was reading through the FAQ and noticed at least a few things you guys need to fix:

    "These fine pavement carving machines are only available at" now redirects to

    "The Onewheel app (currently on IOS, coming to Android)"
    Already came to Android.

    "We are currently designing a fender concept."
    Already made that, too.

    "I have an upcoming trip. Can I take my board with me? We fly all over the world with our boards and have had no problems."
    Unfortunately, those stupid exploding hoverboards have ruined that for everyone for now.

  • @thegreck The last one about traveling still holds true they did take it everywhere and were fine . If they change it to say other wise it may hurt sales . They should still warn people its pretty much a no-go anymore and yes because those stupid hover boards !

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