Support Wait Times

  • @Future-Motion I emailed them a week ago about an issue I am having and still have not received a single response. Not even "we are looking into it and will get back to you." Nothing. Has anyone else been experiencing the same delays when you email their support?

  • Maybe you ave got the Wrong E-Mail or it is because the different Time Zones... because usually they answer very quickly and for me there has always been a great service.

  • @Aswellie I've had them not answer over the weekend before, which is normal, but no longer than that. What email address are you using? You might try emailing again, in case it got lost in one of the many tubes that make up the internet.

  • @thegreck I have replied to my original email twice now asking them to respond. It's a gmail account. They have responded to other inquiries before but just decided not to respond to this one. I dont get it.

  • @Aswellie Okay. I actually meant which email address you were sending it to, not what your email address is. But if they've responded before, it's still possible this last email was either lost or overlooked, so I would send another one to be sure.

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