OneWheel Long weekend Adventure. No other board could offer the same!

  • I've had the OneWheel now a few months, I've used it in many scenarios for both leisure and business and I've been impressed time and time again with how it handles the conditions in those scenarios, the terrain it chews up, the weather conditions it brushes off without fuss. I have a Yuneec Ego electric longboard - a Boosted Board equivalent - and despite the capability of the OneWheel only able to travel half the distance (there or thereabouts) of the Ego the OneWheel, after the long weekend i've just had is a far more superior device

    We ventured to Devon in the UK with a load of mates and it was this time that really slammed home how epic the OneWheel is. The weekend was about catching up with old friends, filling our lungs with clean sea air, paddle boarding the epic surf of the South West, walking in awesome places and generally disconnecting and chilling.

    Having the OneWheel with us at all times was palpable!

    I packed the OneWheel into the One Penny Bag and we set off for a walk each day making the most of the sunshine. We walked along sandy beaches, across dunes, into villages and across the course of each day everyone rode the OneWheel including my 5 year old. All of use enjoying the unique experience and freedom it offers whether it was carving up the open, empty beaches, traversing the dunes as if we were snowboarding or testing our skills circumnavigating fishing boats beached in low tide village harbours.

    We had the charger with us of course so with each stop whether it was for a coffee, lunch or cream tea (how wonderfully British!) we simply charged up and kept on going.

    I've seen the various topics about the OneWheel versus others boards, the lack of distance it covers, etc, etc but seriously after the long weekend I've just had, the fun it gave to a party of 9, in such varied and testing conditions, not one other board out there I think can compare to the OneWheel and offer such fun.

    For those of you who have already purchased the One Penny Bag and for those of you waiting patiently for one to arrive, seriously the bag allows you to take your OneWheel adventures that much further.

    I am so looking forward to many more weekends like the one i've just had......bring on the Summer!

    Here are a few clips/pics of us enjoying the board:



  • Wow! So awesome.
    Thanks for sharing...

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