You get better the longer you ride...

  • I snowboard about once a year because I live in the South (of the US), which rarely sees weather that gets into the teens (Fahrenheit), so when I do get a chance to go ride, I am not in the best shape for snowboarding. There's always a point when I have the desire and a little bit of energy left to go up the mountain one more time, but I find that those are the times that I crash the hardest and usually get banged up the most. My muscles can't do what my mind wants to do because they're tired.

    Since I've been riding my onewheel, I've started seeing that I usually start out a little wobbly, but the longer that I ride during a session, the better I become. Last night, towards the end of my ride, it felt like the board was glued to my feet--on jumps, quick turns, and down hills. Contrary to what I experience with snowboarding, it seems to get easier the longer I go. I still get feet fatigue, but I don't have leg fatigue to the point that I can't control the board like with boarding. Instead, I get more confidence. It's almost like my ankles and leg muscles get warmed up.

    Anyone else find this to be true? Some of you who can snowboard or who are in better shape may not experience this because you're already pretty awesome.

  • I have had the same experience. I start out a little wobbly and uncertain, then gain confidence the longer I ride. By the end of a ride, I can often easily do things I would not have attempted 30 minutes before. My thought is that this is probably because I am still learning, and there will come a point when I will have the same confidence level as soon as I start out. If I keep riding beyond about 45 minutes, though, there does come a point when my calves get tired and I can't balance easily. I find that when I'm not able to dismount smoothly any more, I should head home. Sweet spot seems to be about 30-45 minutes into a ride. Again, that should improve with conditioning (I've been riding about a month now).

  • You guys are getting 45 minute rides!!!!???? The longest I have ever ride in on a full charge is just over 30 min.

  • That's weird. I still have 60% charge after 30-45 minutes. I'm not riding super fast, and always on flat ground, so that could make a difference.

  • The terrain you are on, the outside temperature and the tire pressure all affect the range along with a few other things. Sometimes I can get 80 minutes out of it (down to 5% battery that is)

  • @Dude I haven't had a lot of experience with ambient temperature yet, but I can absolutely concur that terrain is a huge factor in battery mileage. Pavement with little elevation change will absolutely yield 7-8 miles of non-aggressive riding. Rough terrain and lots of uphill-downhill elevation change will take that down to 5 or so miles.

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  • @poopmonkey My shit-flinging friend, you are free to be deterred. That is your choice. Wait. Wait until the technology allows you to do what you think it should

    You are probably young, I'm guessing teens, early twenties,. You have time. Cool shit of the fabled "cyber-age" has been within your grasp for as long as you can remember. If you take a look at the demographics thread, you will see that most of us are in our mid-thirties or older. This is THE toy that many of us have dreamed of since childhood. When I was a kid, the two things I wanted most from science and technology were a hand-held device that would tell me anything I wanted to know whenever I wanted to know it and a mo'fo'in' hoverboard. Today I have a smartphone and I have a OneWheel, and I'm pretty damn pleased with both of them thank you very much.

    I do hope that incremental improvements in battery technology extend the range of the Wheel to twenty miles or more. That would be awesome. But for now, I'm happy cruising around at a leisurely pace for 90 minutes or more and I'm also happy flying along for 20 minutes on a charge very quickly if I"m trying to get somewhere. The OneWheel is still fun if it only goes 10 minutes on a charge.

    You probably have more time than money and better things to spend the latter on. Wait if you think it isn't worth it. For lots of people right now, it absolutely is. You're a forum member who isn't an utter and complete troll, so you must be somewhat interested in the concept. You're welcome to wait until you can get what you think makes the purchase worthwhile. Just realize that many of us have waited long enough and are quite satisfied with what we got.

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  • @poopmonkey Yeah, if you live in the bush and can't find a friendly socket on you're route, you're only going to drive the thing for a little while at top speed before turning back. Not worth it to you? Better wait or buy a bike.

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  • @poopmonkey said:

    it's not that I'm not aware of the technology progression, in fact the exact opposite which is why I'd expect better battery range in this.

    Well LiFePo4 battery technology is almost 20 years old already, and it's still the best option we have. So I wouldn't say that the technology progression in that field is moving very fast.

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  • @poopmonkey Sure. If it fits.
    (Or if you can get a "bulging" version of the footpad. You know like those bigger batteries you could purchase to you phone back in the days :D )

  • @scalthom said:

    You guys are getting 45 minute rides!!!!???? The longest I have ever ride in on a full charge is just over 30 min.

    I'm a heavy dude (260lbs), and I usually get 45 min to an hour. I don't think I've ever gotten much less. I'm not doing crazy stunts or riding pump tracks, but there is some slight elevation when I ride on paved areas. Even when I ride in my yard, which is very rough terrain, I get 45 minutes or so.

    You may need to charge yours overnight to reset the cells. Most anyone on here with battery life issues have said that works.

  • 220 lbs here and the range is never an issue for me.
    Then again, I ride slow. I get tired and need a break at 20% juice level left.
    30 minutes is when you're at constant full blast.
    Most riders cruise around..

  • Yea, I average anywhere from 10-14 mph, and do a ton of carving... So makes sense I get just over 30 min a session. I've noticed (the hard way) beach riding it goes way down.

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  • It definitely goes without saying the more you ride, the more uneven surfaces you choose to tackle, the more obstacles you get on, balance over and ride down the more confidence you get and the more fun you get out of your OneWheel

    Here's a little vid I made of a number of lunchtime rides this week

  • @Jimmers75

    Awesome video.
    It's what makes Onewheel what it is.
    You can do things no other board can...

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