20 minute charge time, N.American vs. International grids

  • Do any of you Euro folks on 220V electric grids get a full charge in 20 minutes? I'm wondering if the 35-40 minute charge time I experience is due to the 110V US/North American standard and if the advertised charge time is based on the international standard.

  • @bmtka Even if the voltage is different, the wattage should be the same. And it's all converted to 58(?)V DC anyway, so it really shouldn't matter. I'm pretty sure that you really can't go from 0-100% in 20 minutes however.
    I think charging it to 90 or 95% is a lot faster than the full 100% charge, but I don't have time to google sources on that :3

  • @bmtka so back here a full charge takes about 25 minutes. but talking from experience, this really depends on the season. when it's cold outside (-8°C to +5°C), the battery seems to last for a much shorter time than when it's relatively warm (+16°C to 20°C). same with charging the device. i got a feeling that it took way longer (30 minutes) to get a full charge in january compared to the 20 to 25 minutes now.

  • @chabis Interesting. I'll have to pay more attention to it as the weather warms up.

  • @bmtka Glad you brought up this topic. I wondered why my charge time was always over 30 minutes. In Wisconsin, I've only ever ridden while the outside temp has been between 27 and 57 degrees. It should be noted that I always ride until I'm forced off by the low battery push(over)back. I always charge indoors. The manual that came with the OW has a conservative range and a charge time stated. These numbers align with my experience so far. The website is more liberal with both specs. I expect my charge times to decrease and range to expand once it gets warmer this summer.

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