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  • I have been waiting a long time to tell everyone, here, about this. I am Extremely excited about this. In my off time during the past 4 months, I have been working on building a web site and YouTube channel for the Onewheel Community to enjoy.


    This has been a fun learning experience as this is my First real website. So, there have been many bugs to work out and integration of things to fix (still a few small things and one big thing) But, I can't wait any longer. I want everyone to see werideonewheel.com and to see the reason behind it.

    • First I want Everyone to know that the Main Focus will be on Youtube content. This is for anyone who has a OW and anyone looking into buying a OW. We want to be a reason people buy the OW or gain interest in the OW, as well as, giving helpful information and entertaining content for everyone.
      ->To Celebrate we will have a new video out once a week for the Month of April!<-

    • Our Content will come from me and everyone and anyone who wants to contribute. WE have already started collaborations with members all across the Globe and will continue as this thing grows. With that being said, WE want to do collaborations with anyone who is interested. Even if you just want to submit your footage for another collaborator to edit into a montage. These are the projects we are looking to publish, and all content will credit the original creator unless they want otherwise. Our Videos will cover all sorts of things related to the Onewheel.

    • This YouTube Channel is not set to monetize (or make money off ads). The website werideonewheel.com also has no ads. All of this is for many different reasons but the main one is I want people to be able to watch the videos without ads. I believe ads look tacky on web sites and detract from its content. I do this for fun in my spare time, because I like to and I want more People to know about the Onewheel and to be informed about it, and of course entertain us Onewheel Riders. I might set up a Donation page in the future if people want to donate to help out, if so this will go towards web site fees and props and camera accessories among other items (almost broke my camera once already.) But, I don't have Donations set up yet. (Music copyright issues on YouTube is another big reason. I will Explain this in the "About video" coming soon in a few weeks.)

    • The Calendar - This is another Main focus of We Ride Onewheel. I am very excited about this one. My goal is for it to become the go to place to check for events near you. Check to see if there is a meet up or competition. Anyone who is signed into the site werideonewheel.com can submit their event and we will post it to the calendar within 48 hours. (this is one of the last big bugs I'm working out) The calendar can even sync the event with your iCal on your Apple device so it is in your phones calendar or sync with your Google calendar. I would love for people all across the Globe to input their events so everyone can see how many people meet up and how much fun they have. I have set up one example on the calendar for the L.A. Meet up that happens almost every Saturday. I have set it with @MichaelW as the Organizer and Posted a Great Video by @thegreck as well so people can see a clip of where they will be riding and some of the people there.

    • We have our on Forum with a Mods section a Buy and Sell section. (sticky Threads will be up soon with extra info, hopefully this weekend)

    • All of this is a Work in Progress and I hope to hone it into something Awesome. So any feedback you have, please let me know. I want to thank @simenlier and @fabuz for their help with our First Collaboration Videos. @simenlier Helped me create the Intro, and this weeks video thank you (it will upload tonight). @fabuz is working on some cool Top Secrete projects for us, plus a video uploading in the next few weeks (mid April) will be one of his "We Ride" exclusives, Thank you again. We will see a lot more in the future I know it. Let's make 2016 The year of the Onewheel.

  • @Dude said:


    Nice work @Dude! Signed up. How will you be accepting video submissions? Do you just want raw footage? Edited uploads? Links to videos on other youtube channels?

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    'weird one wheel'.com

    You are not alone, my friend. See penisland.net (They specialize in wood!)

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    @bmtka LOL

  • So stoked about this!

    I hope all of the Onewheel community joins in on this project! I know there are a lot of good filmmakers out there and I can't wait to see the content that will be on the youtube channel!

    Nice work @dude!

  • Great work @dude! Should work out nicely for everyone!!

  • @Dude Nice work man! Don't forget to also ride in your free time ;-)

  • Thank you every one,

    @bmtka I'm trying to figure out good ideas for this. Maybe a drop box or google drive (I know nothing about google drive) or using wetransfer.com
    Raw footage I think will be best most likely.

  • @Dude It's looking great! Looking forward to seeing it progress.

    So now that I'm a member, is there a way to see a list of other members? Also, will the calendar have a way to sign up for events, just so people know who all will be at a particular event?

  • @thegreck I will set up the members page this weekend. The calendar is not interactive in that way. I am looking into a way that might make it interactive but until then My thought was just to have a Forum thread linked to the event with a list of people going.

  • @Dude Sounds good! Keep going man!

  • Love it!

  • Check out @simenlier Video Here "Onewheel Basics" If you haven't seen it yet. Next Video Going up Tonight. and Secret Video Might go Up tomorrow Night if people want to see more.

    Hint: @Fabuz Made it.

    I have a Ton of Great Video Ideas so look forward to some great Videos and More Awesome Collaborations coming soon. Work has been busy for me as of late so Im spending my free time riding the Onewheel and Filming and editing Videos. As this Brings me the most Joy. Work on the web site (fine tuning it) will be on the back Burner for now until I find more time. My Time Machine isn't working right now.... Damn Doc Brown and that Flux Capacitor he sold me back in 1985 (hint for a Video idea....Maybe)

    Tonights Video is a "Test Pilot" so let me know what you think.

    Check it out here

  • Tonights Video is a "Test Pilot" so let me know what you think.

    Good job dude!

  • This so soo badly needed

  • @fabuz Video is Live, go check it out Here: Fabuz Does Great Work!

  • @Dude @fabuz @thegreck how's the unofficial forum going?

  • @chabis
    Its moving slow right now. But as the Calendar grows and the Videos grow I hope to have more input and topics. Feel free to start a topic and if anyone has Video Ideas I added a Video Forum to the list. Anyone with Mods (grip tape replacement, vinyl wraps, EL-Wire ect....) Feel free to Post. Also there is a "For Sale" Forum any one can post there Items in as well.

  • New Video up here One of the First Videos I made More Great Things coming soon.

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