User Customized Riding Setting 'Shaping Levels' 1-10

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    In reading the forum it seems like the primary issue users have (aside from the obvious battery limitation) is of the 3 possible riding style settings, one is downright unsafe ('Classic Mode') having been cited the cause of a fall for nearly everyone who's used it (granted it should be available maybe just more appropriately called 'Learning Mode'), one has the nose tilted up so high that it's really only applicable to 'park' or 'trick' style riding ('Elevated'), and the only other option ('Extreme Mode' -probably better titled 'The Only Mode Feasible for Riding') which leaves it somewhere in the middle, a bit too low for most according to user posts on the forum.

    Call me crazy but it seems like if were looking at a standard 1-10 setting range, the Classic Mode is a 2, the Extreme Mode is a 5 and the Elevated Mode is a 9. Wouldn't it make so much more sense to just give the user the option to set the 'Riding Level' from 1-10? Especially since it's solely dependent on individual riding style. I'm assuming most people would be using Levels 5, 6, and 7, and almost never using Level 2 and 9. Considering the comfort level is almost entirely dependent on this setting I would think there isn't a more pressing update for users (aside from battery) than this.

    1. I would say that you don't need to post it in two places, but who am I to stop you, so never mind I guess.

    I agree – and have stated before – that we do want more shaping options.
    I'm not really following your "level" progression, though.

    I'd rather just have a "free shaping" option with sliders to control the things you want freely.
    What degree of pushback do you want? What riding angle do you want? What top-speed do you want etc.
    And why not with custom profiles so that you can save a custom "learning" mode, or a "demo" mode where the top-speed is low so that they won't thrash your board or drive off with it.

    I'm guessing the programming is a bit more complex than just changing 3-4 parameters, so this might just wishful thinking, but I think this would be the best option. As opposed to making a whole lot of different shaping options with different angles and pushback settings and whatnot.

    I'd like to add that even if they did release custom shaping like this, I probably wouldn't change anything from extreme, since it is really good. But freedom is nice, and this would be the pinnacle of digital shaping freedom.

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    @germx said:

    I agree – and have stated before – that we do want more shaping options.
    I'm not really following your "level" progression, though.

    I'm just referring to a numbered setting so there's some sort of reference for the setting you're selecting.

  • @poopmonkey I do kinda follow your logic, but since there are different kind of changes between the modes, it's not really easy to follow. And you might want some of the changes and not others.
    And if we are doing that, it would just be better if you could choose the settings you want. (even if that means that under the hood there would be 5³ shapings that it selects from).

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    @germx sure however that would probably be much more complex of a task for the manufacturer. A simple selection range of the same 'Shaping' being offered is what I'm speaking of. And instead of giving it names just numbers.

  • @poopmonkey Absolutley. I guess it would be pretty much the same thing in the end anyway. Just an easier and more limited option.
    And it is better to get that first while waiting for the other, than not getting anything.

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