NEW PRODUCT - Solar Sombrero - Pre Order Now!

  • Its all in good fun guys. We knew we were buying a gag gift.

  • @Dude I thought it was a gag too! Until a few nights ago when I noticed it was glowing in the dark and making sounds like a bug zapper. I picked it up and felt this crazy energy shoot through my fingers. So I placed it on my head, and suddenly became ELECTRIC MAN. Now I roam the streets at night fighting crime and charging dead batteries for people who are stranded on their Onewheel (for some reason, I can't charge any other electric board with my super powers... something about wattage or voltage or something).

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha...... I see a Video comming soon.@thegreck Well I think I know your secret identity but I won't tel anyone.

  • Serious question... could something like this actually be possible to invent? Any sciencey folks want to weigh in?

  • @1woman1wheel quite possibly. The solar sombrero would power a rechargeable battery(probably 16000 mAh). The solar panels are a good enough size to do so. So technically it would work, but I have read the One Wheel doesn't work while being charged, so technically now it wouldn't. But if it could ride while being charged than it would work.

  • @1woman1wheel Even if you could charge and ride at the same time, you definitely wouldn't want to snag that cable on anything while riding! Severe Sombrero Whiplash (SSW)!

  • @Sailingmuffin @thegreck So you couldn't ride and charge simultaneously... but you could take a break on the side of the road, far from civilization and power outlets, and still get a charge, which would be good enough for me. At which point, though, a silly hat may be less practical than, say, a "space blanket" sort of thing that you could unfold to soak up the rays

  • @1woman1wheel yeah they should make like a backpack so you can carry your stuff, but with solar panels on top. Like a solar sombrero but actually functional while not looking dumb

  • Would you also consider a solar poncho? I realize the shape might mean less charging around noon, but I'd be happy to stop and rest at lunch time when the sun's angle is less ideal. It's going to take a while to develop the leg strength to get from breakfast to lunchtime anyway. During lunch, I would just spread the poncho on the ground to maximize midday solar goodness.

  • @Future-Motion

    Please make this or something like it a reality! The Onewheel deserves an endless ride........

    This was such a fun time in Onewheel history!

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