Battery Voltages and Hardware Temperatures don't seem to be accurate

  • Has anyone else noticed how the battery voltage given in settings is only accurate when the OW is first powered on? Before a 6.31 mile ride, the voltage was 58.3. Once the OW kicked me off at 2% battery, the battery voltage was still given at 58.3. Now when I turn the power off and plug in the charger, the voltage is show as 52.5 and I believe it climbs live, while it's being charged. The other peculiarity I've noticed is that 59 and 77 degrees occur frequently on various hardware readings.

  • @dcosmos Well something is quite off with mine as well. First time using the android app, not sure if it's the app or something else, but I took the readings with a grain of salt.
    I don't get the battery level at all for some reason, it just says 0%. The voltage I do get however, but that seemed fine when I was viewing it.
    Temp readings were kind of hot indoors (about 60 I think), when I went outside in the cold they did seem reasonable for the engine. Battery showed 0 degrees, so that didn't seem right. Still, I can shape and control the light, so I'm happy with that.
    My version seems off as well, it just states 3000. But I thought I never upgraded to 3000, and if I did, I thought it would be higher?

  • I guess I have not paid much attention to voltage, and really only check for battery life.

    I have just recently been having other app issues. I was thinking it may possibly have something to do with Apples new IOS update. The first thing I noticed (about a week ago) was the app not reading my top speed.

    Then 2 days ago, after riding a couple miles, I stopped to check my battery level on the app. It said I still had 85%, and I figured the considerably warmer weather was the reason. Heck, I might even get an 8 mile ride.

    I rode another couple miles when low batt push-back kicks in. I check the app and it says I still have about 25% batt left. Anyone have thoughts as to why my app is apparently reading the batt levels about 25% higher than they actually are?

  • Mine started bringing me to a stop at 25% in the app recently but I read this in the technical support forum

    My battery reading is incorrect on my app. What should I do?
    Julian our all-star electrical engineer suggests that you leave your board charged overnight to essentially re-calibrate the battery cells.The battery is measured by one of the many battery cells and different cells may hold different amounts of charge over time. If you charge your board for a long period of time all the cells should balance in their charge.

    For more useful tips here's a link

  • Same issue. What was the fix?

  • it says to leave it on charge over night to balance the battery
    i tried that for 3 days riding it till it stops and charging it over night but it was still the same
    i fixed mine by riding it till it would turn on but no longer self-balance checked my app and it had returned to 1% then i charged it over night about 10 hours and its been fine ever since

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