Replaceable "Soft-Bumper" to avoid injuries when practising moves

  • When practising moves and tricks, it often happens that

    • you have to jump down, while the board still spins
    • you have to run it out, while the board still follows you

    since it has some significant weight and a hard metal-outline, the risk of injuries is a little bit high.
    therefore a kind of (removeable) "bumper" would be nice, with a soft, forgiving surface, to reduce the risk of injuries when the board hits you hard (foot, ankle, shin)

  • @cr4p My ankles got completely banged up the first month I had the board. Every time I jumped off, it would spin around and smack me in the ankle... the same exact spot a few times in a row.

  • You could get some foam pipe insulation from a hardwood store. It's cheap, light weight, soft and already has a cut down the side. Just slide it around the board edges and clip it in place. Maybe trim & tape the corners so it fits well.

    See images at...

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