As in Onewheeling, so in life ...

  • I thought we should have a thread for "life lessons," learned while Onewheeling. So get out your bromides, banalities, and clichés. No generalization is too broad! No truism too obvious! I'll start it off:

    1. Choose your line. Then commit to it.

    2. If you wobble, act like you meant to do that.

    3. There's no point if you're not having fun.

  • I've always been an introvert, but once you start riding a Onewheel, you pretty much become the center of attention everywhere you go and are kind of forced to interact with lots of people. This was something I was personally terrified about when I was waiting for my board to arrive (which at the time was a 2-month wait).

    But this aspect has actually been a really positive life change for me, as I'm realizing there are a lot of good people out there, and it's been interesting to talk to so many of them... something I never would've done in the past. And the jerks (usually the ones who say "You can't ride that thing here") are so far pretty few and far between.

  • Made 2 attempts to hit the park but 25mph gust/wind and piercing cold prevented me.
    Took the scooter instead and couldn't wait to get back.
    Pretty uncomfortable.
    Well, Spring is here and good days await... ;)

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