Tips on Riding through crowds

  • I've been really enjoying riding more and more in busy areas, and its caused me to perfect my trackstand and very slow ride technique. One thing that's saved me from embarrassment many times when I start to go wonky at slow speed or in a trackstand is to bounce a few times with my knees like you're trying to flex the tires, it almost always settles me right down and back into balance again. Any other thoughts from experienced crowd riders?

  • @SeaP90d I'll have to try that. I go wonky sitting at intersections waiting for the light to change... especially when trying to balance on the handicap ramps and trying to look over my shoulder to see if the other light has changed. Had to jump off my OW many times because I lose my balance and start falling backwards.

  • This is how I look at it.. When you stand with your feet exactly parallel with each other you get minimum balance.. Offset them a bit and it increases alot.. Use your front heel for left balance and back toes for right balance.... I don't get low speed wobbles or when dead stopped.. So I basically keep my front heel kinda off the board and rear foot with my toes a bit hanging off..

  • @njcustom I'm on the train home from work with my OW under the seat right now so I'll try that on my commute home in a few minutes.

  • @thegreck cool let me know how it goes..

  • Also air pressure will affect the slow wobbles..

  • @njcustom said:

    @thegreck cool let me know how it goes..

    That was actually pretty helpful. Even more so than the feet placement, it seemed just concentrating on using toe pressure on the front and heel pressure on the back to balance when stopped (rather than both toes or both heels) makes a big difference.

  • 12 pounds of pressure and you will never wobble ;) I don't ride above 15 and I can ride through a crowd like a champ. The only down side is I get a bit less range.

  • @MichaelW I would think less pressure = more wobble, since it allows for more side-to-side movement?

  • @MichaelW that is low. Can I ask how much you weigh?

  • @njcustom said:

    @MichaelW that is low. Can I ask how much you weigh?

    I've ridden with Michael several times, and he can't be a pound under 450.

  • @thegreck ha ha ha....... Wow @MichaelW The Camera don't add weight to you it takes it away. @njcustom I use that all the time "heel toe to ballance and stop wobble. I will try the "Bounce Test" when slow speed traveling also to see how I like it. In fact I think it do that sometimes sub-consciously when going slow.

  • But when I'm maneuvering through crowds I don't generally need to come to a complete stop, which is when I sometimes run into problems. So to stay on the thread topic, one of the biggest problems I have going through crowds is the people who see me coming (generally not the ones walking away from me), because a lot of times they make the horrible last minute decision to suddenly move in the opposite direction that they were going, in an attempt to get out of my way, because they don't realize I have a lot more control over this thing than a skateboarder would, and that I was planning to maneuver into the spot that WOULD'VE been open, so they actually end up moving right in front of me.

    You can clearly see it in their eyes the ones who are worried about what they should do when they see me coming. I want to yell out: JUST KEEP WALKING! I'LL GET AROUND YOU!

  • You can clearly see it in their eyes the ones who are worried about what they should do when they see me coming. I want to yell out: JUST KEEP WALKING! I'LL GET AROUND YOU!

    My thoughts exactly!

  • I work on a college campus, and there are always students on bikes and skateboards weaving around pedestrians and each other. Near misses are constant, and crashes are not unusual. My neighborhood is notorious for pedestrians being hit by cars. So I can't blame pedestrians for being nervous. They can't know whether they're in danger from me.

    Of course I don't want to crash into someone, but I also don't want to make them afraid that I'll crash into them. So I slow to walking speed when I'm around pedestrians, and I give them as much space as I reasonably can. Besides, no matter how much skill you have as a rider, you can't predict what they will do, especially if they get spooked.

  • @badcheese Well that's no fun! Haha.

  • Indeed. It's a buzz kill. I look forward to a Utopian future when everyone rides a Onewheel and pedestrians are outlawed.

  • Yes, badcheese, unless we want to see the one wheels get banned on sidewalks, its essential that people don't go around scaring the pedestrians, one thing that's very obvious is the sight of a onewheeler with protective gear and lights coming at you in a crowd will strike fear in the hearts of anyone, so I always ditch the gear and lights when riding in crowds, if you don't feel safe riding in crowds without a pads and helmet you have no business riding there and subjecting others to the risk you won't take yourself.

  • I'm not taking off my helmet just because I am temporarily easing through a crowd because any moment a hole will open up and I can break free and start carving up the sidewalks(and streets).

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