Nose up tail down malfunction?

  • I was riding to work this morning and my board started to act funny. Yesterday I noticed the nose was a little higher up than usual and the tail was lower but I made it home and thought nothing of it. This morning it really got weird with the nose pointing up and the tail dragging a block into my commute even though it was on extreme mode. At first, the app said it needed a charge but after a couple restarts it read a 24% battery level. I thought "plenty of juice to get to work". Well, ten seconds later it nose dived and I was tucking and rolling in the middle of the street. Any ideas what happened? I walked it to work and plugged in my board and it still said it had 24% battery but it was in classic mode. I'm thinking I could've manually switched the mode with the restarts but it doesn't explain the nose up, tail down situation because it wasn't in elevated mode.

  • @knight32 Try and charging your board for more then 24 hours, this should balance the cells and solve your problem. I had this happen to one of my boards and after a solid day on the charger it rides normal again.

  • @knight32 And generally speaking, 24% is pretty much danger zone to me, and means "time to get to an outlet."

  • Thanks @Jim and @thegreck I'll make sure it charges all day and then give it a go.

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