Ok for the beach and sea water ?

  • Greetings from Cape Town !

    I have been cruising with my OW on the beach and through the shallows. Super fun and probably the most awesome setting to ride. I get kinda worried that the sale water and beach sand is not good for the OW , but it seems fine when i get home and hose it down properly. Any opinions on this ? Cheers Hadley

  • @Haggis trying to figure out a travel solution right now, but hope to have my OW in Cape Town for a short break. Any recommendations for good riding spots? Did I see a pic in Hout Bay?

    Sorry cant answer the sea water question. So far, mainly riding on streets in Miami and NYC.

  • There seems to be quite a few people that hit the beach daily. They just seem to rinse with fresh water and call it a day. If you were worried about the charging port, you could get the cap cover that's in another thread.

  • @haggis I will say my board was hit with a wave at one point and it stopped working later that night and had to go back to OneWheel. This has made me gun shy about getting it too wet with ocean water. As far as sand goes I think as long as you don't bury it (and vacuum after) you should be good :)

    Rain seems to be no problem as I got caught in a rain storm the other day and had no issues.

    I guess the good news is as long as its under warranty you are covered.

  • Hey folks - our 2 cents here would be that beach riding is freaking awesome and everyone should try it once. A little splashing here and there is ok but we'd recommend not getting swallowed up by a wave. Also the charge point should be completely fine with sand. If anything I'd put a piece of duct tape over the power switch as it can get jammed with sand if you're not careful.
    Happy Riding!

  • @shaunabe , yeah Hout Bay Beach it was but my next session will be Big Bay. The beach is wide , long and hard so will be perfect with Tabel Mountain as a back-drop !

  • @veryous The cap cover sounds like a good tool to have , where do I find that thread ? Thanks H

  • Update on the cap I shared.........works great and will definitely keep crud out. I have ridden everyday and it does not budge when put in place.

  • Markertek.com has them for 62 cents with free shipping if anyone is interested

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